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Save the squat at Topf & Söhne!

05-02-2009 08:41

Entrance to the Topf & Söhne squat in Erfurt, Germany. More photos here. In 2001, a group of antifascist activists connected to the anti-German movement occupied the long-abandoned Topf & Söhne factory grounds in Erfurt, Germany, where the crematoriums for the Nazi death camps were manufactured.

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Detailed overview of the direct actions at Shannon against the Iraq and Afghan w

05-02-2009 08:37

In every country after February 15th 2003 the anti-war movement was faced with the question of what to do next. In Ireland almost all of the direct action protests were targeted on Shannon airport. More than half dozen successful actions took place, ranging from a large scale breach of the fence in October, to physical attacks on planes as the build up to war escalated. In response to these actions three out of the four airlines using the airport for troop transportation pulled out just before the start of the Iraq war. read more

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Gaza New Siege Mechanism

04-02-2009 22:26

It is patently clear that to Tel Aviv, Washington and Brussels the assertion of PA rule over Gaza is the strongest argument for holding off reconstruction as a Damocles sword over Gaza, and for the occupying power this condition is its strongest "guarantee" for sustaining its grip on that sword. The fear now is that Israel and the international powers that have helped it to perpetuate its occupation since 1967 will use a Palestinian façade buttressed by official Arab support to stage a repeat in Gaza of the Iraq experience in the wake of the 1991 war when reconstruction and development were perpetually deferred in order to further weaken the country preparatory to toppling the regime through the invasion that took place in 2003.

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Violence in Sri Lanka

04-02-2009 22:24

The dire and deteriorating human rights situation in Sri Lanka, where hundreds of civilians have reportedly been killed over the past few weeks, including an incident where one hospital was bombed a number of times, has only fleetingly made the news in the UK. However for the many Tamil residents in Lewisham, including many in Ladywell, it is obviously a grave concern, and I know some are still trying to contact friends and relatives to check they are safe.

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US Sold Phosphorus Shells to Israel

04-02-2009 22:06

The Pine Bluff Arsenal, a United States Army installation in Arkansas, specializes in chemical and biological weapons. The military touts them as the only facility in the Northern Hemisphere which fills white phosphorus munitions. That's the important point here, as it once again ties the US military directly into the Israeli war.

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War on Bankers - Snowball fights theory and practice

04-02-2009 21:56

As someone who has never really been entranced by the internal combustion engine fad that has swept through the world in recent decades, I tend to walk most places. However, given the snow on the ground today, I, along with many others, was presented with a number of ethical and practical issues; namely, how to deal with snowballs.

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The University of Manchester Occupation in solidarity with Gaza

04-02-2009 17:52

Over 150 University of Manchester students have occupied the main university administration building in a demand for a stronger and more proactive position from the university on the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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Student military 'competition' in SA

04-02-2009 13:44

Student militarism once again works to glorify war whilst lightly skipping over lessons to be learnt.

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MAYDAY! against EDO page set up

04-02-2009 13:07

On bankholiday Monday, May the 4th, there will be a mass event against EDO/ITT in Brighton.
Keep the day free!

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Killing More Of Them - reporting war crimes to the Police

04-02-2009 11:05

A short film about Chris Coverdale from Make Wars History reporting war crimes to the police. Please visit for more information about the Laws of War and how you can report war criminals at your local police station.

Produced and Directed by Dean Puckett

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Trident condemned as barbaric and illegal by leading international judge

03-02-2009 21:12

At a conference on the legality of Trident nuclear weapons being held in Edinburgh this week, the former vice-president of the International Court of Justice has condemned Trident as "cruel, criminal and barbaric" and stated that non-violent resistance to nuclear weapons is legally justifiable and "every citizen's right". The conference has been jointly organised by the Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy, Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre and Trident Ploughshares.

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Month-long Gaza Protests in U.S. were the Largest Ever for Palestinian Rights

02-02-2009 21:13

March through the up-scale shopping district in San José, 4 January 2009
In an unprecedented outpouring of popular opposition to U.S. policy in support of the Israeli invasion of Gaza, a full month of nearly continuous protests brought tens of thousands into the streets. Arab American youths mobilized as never before. Even after Israel’s troop withdrawal, advocates for the human rights of Palestinians in Gaza vowed to continue the campaign until Israel lifts its blockade on the tiny territory.

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SIGN PROTEST LETTER re. 'Israel Day of Science' at Science Museum London

02-02-2009 17:22

This post seeks signatures on a letter to the Science Museum in London imploring them not to host an 'Israel Day of Science' celebrating the work of Israel's universities, at a time when academic institutions throughout the world wish to boycott and sanction these institutions in order to put increasing pressure on the Israeli government to end the oppression of the Palestinian people. Please read and sign as you feel fit. Its a good letter and an important time to make our presence felt on this issue.

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Israel Asserting Middle East Supremacy: From Gaza to Tehran

02-02-2009 14:53

"The New Middle East"
Just as Nazi Germany interpreted the passivity, sympathy and impotence of the West when confronted by ‘facts on the ground’ as license for aggression, the Israeli military machine receives a powerful impetus for bigger and bloodier wars to establish Israel’s supremacy and dominance of the Middle East, from the Red Sea to the Persian Gulf.

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Why the police riot? - part 3

02-02-2009 01:32

Masked & Anonymous - public order policing in Parliament Square, 31st Jan 2009
The British police public order manual is a secret document establishing a paramilitary third force in the UK, under the control of a private company (ACPO) with permission from the home office. It's long overdue that more information about this was in the public domain.

This is part 3 of a series, for parts 1 and 2 see:

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Ceasefires, Israeli-Style

02-02-2009 01:04

Waging war while talking peace is customary Israeli practice. Israel's unilateral declaration of cease-fire notwithstanding, nothing changed.

Gaza remains occupied, under siege, and totally isolated and attacks merely downshifted to a lower gear. Gaza continues to be terrorized.

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parliament square gaza vigil hunger strike now entering 22nd day

02-02-2009 01:01

maria gallestegui continues her hunger strike in freezing conditions and snow on the pavement opposite westminster. monday is her 22nd day without food

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Westminster Peace Procession

01-02-2009 18:36

Thou Shall Not Kill.
This is a call for all Peace campaigners from all faiths, and no faith, to gather on the first Sunday of every month outside Westminster Cathedral, to carry a petition and various banners through to Westminster Abbey, through Parliament Square, to Downing street (where the petition is handed in) and then on to the Edith Cavell Memorial.

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Tamils protesting in London 31/01/09

01-02-2009 13:48

About 100,000 Tamil protesters marched through the streets of London on sunday (31/01/09) to highlight the need for an intervention in Sri Lanka.

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Let's send an E-mail to EDO MBM and feel alright (Yeah Mon!):

01-02-2009 11:56