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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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DSEI - we are going to end it for ever.

13-11-2015 08:49

Once again this year concerned people came together to protest the DSEI arms fair in London and once again the event was massively disrupted and bought close to cancellation by our actions but now we need help for the future.

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UG#723 - A US Deep State Event (The Deep Implications of the 9-11 Money Trail)

08-11-2015 15:02

We continue our study of the deep state with a fresh look at what has emerged about the defining 21st century deep event, the attacks of September 11th. While that date inevitably invokes mental images of fireball and collapsing towers, we look instead at the financial implications. These range from Stratesec director Wirt Dexter Walker's $50,000 insider trade through a range of mid level fraud, up to the hundreds of billions of US Bonds which were due on that date and the trillions of dollars which have gone missing from the Pentagon budget. What does this complex pattern of innumerable financial frauds carried out on that day tell us about the interrelationships of the shadowy cabal of deep state insiders who pulled it off? And what about the technologies which may have been used on that day?

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Refugees & the UK Arms Trade Graffiti

06-11-2015 10:54

Graffiti on the streets of Bristol

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UG#722 - A Milieu of The European Deep State (NATO and The Bilderberg)

01-11-2015 10:48

This is the most intense look we've taken at the Bilderberg group since episode 528. In the 5 years since that show was produced, Bilderberg has been much more under the media spotlight. We begin with Charlie Skelton comparing the experience of reporting on the G7 with reporting on the Bilderberg. Next we hear a 2007 summary of the Bilderberg group by Daniel Estulin and some concluding thoughts by Tony Gosling.

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Trollhattan Killer´s Odd Obsession Revealed

23-10-2015 12:44

Young male serial killers, unless they have imams or rabbis, tend to have one thing in common: A sort of an hobby pursued like a profession-to-be they tend to spend most of their time with – either it is their guns, or a cultural supremacism or over-affirmation of leadership, or a commercial aberration binding unguarded personality traits – as well as a huge motivation to stick to it. And it is hard to turn down the thought experiment that if the world was as in the capitalist war propaganda, as stacks of wasted paper and box office charts would like to suggest, there would be a special place for them as specific professionals. But in the real life of international system average and climate chaos they are dead-enders.

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The Massacre of Ankara. Eye-witness Account& Analysis

18-10-2015 04:20

In Turkey, an attack on a demonstration for peace killed over a hundred people. An eye-witness account by Alp Kayserilioglu

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Moron Hunt through Haze October

16-10-2015 22:13

A Brief Introduction to Cyber Peace and Cyber War (PDF)

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UG#721 - Mind-numbering Contradictions (Israel, "Anti-semitism", Free Speech...)

15-10-2015 12:59

Why was the "Je suis Charlie" celebration of free speech event followed by the biggest crackdown on free speech in French history? Kevin Barrett describes it as a "mind-numbering Orwellian contradiction, a lot like what happened after 9-11 when we were told that 'The reason they attacked us was they hate our freedoms' so let's destroy freedoms, let's shred the bill or rights, pass the Patriot Act and lock down the country." We consider the Israeli angle of Islamophobia induced by the "Moslem terrorist" meme promoted by the commercially-controlled media.

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Witness Venezuela’s Elections This December-6, 2015‏‎‏‎

06-10-2015 22:34

This December, witness one of the most important elections in the history of Venezuela, and of the hemisphere. On December 6, the people of Venezuela will exercise their right to vote in elections for deputies to the country’s National Assembly. Voters will decide whether to carry forward the Bolivarian Revolution by retaining a Chavista majority in the National Assembly or return the political intitative to the traditional elites represented by most of the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD).

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Indian anti-nuclear film and discussion with the film maker.

29-09-2015 12:35

This Wednesday, in SOAS, Pradeep Indulkar will be showing two of his anti-nuke films and fielding questions. He worked for 11 years in the Indian nuclear industry. Free and interesting..

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UG#718 - The Deep State'sIncreasing Shallowness (Bombs from Oklahoma to Libya)

25-09-2015 17:12

This week, material from 15 years back through to 5 days back detail continued deep state malfeasance hidden in plain sight. Did you hear the story of the CIA "bad apple" who sold a planeload of military grade C-4 explosive to Libya, together with a course in bombmaking by US Green Berets? Or how the CIA's Inspector General perjured himself to try and cover it up... only to be later granted immunity when the truth emerged? Don't try this at home! Our main piece is James Corbett's review of what has emerged in the last 20 years about the Oklahoma City bombing. We conclude with an open letter by Nafeez Ahmed to "Britain's leading violent extremist" - David Cameron. Why does he ignore the leading researchers (including many in his own government) and surround himself instead with deceitful terror "experts" who have spookily close connections to the arms industry and the deep state? I wonder...

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Arms fair's cyber security breached

19-09-2015 13:41

Anarchists calling themselves the 'Information Liberation Front' (ILF) have leaked documents [ 1 | 2 ] to the Indymedia UK website, which show that they were able to gain access to Hacking Team's company EZONE account on the DSEI arms fair's website and register a fake exhibitor at the fair. DSEI is one of the world's biggest arms fairs and is taking place in London's Docklands today. Hacking Team is a cyber surveillance company, which is exhibiting at the fair.

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More files from Anarchists breach of DSEI arms fair's online security

18-09-2015 20:42

Additional files obtained from Hacking Team's DSEI account.

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Anarchists breach DSEI arms fair's online security

17-09-2015 20:23

The Information Liberation Front was able to access Hacking Team's visitor portal and EZONE account on the DSEI website and view information intended for DSEI exhibitors. We are happy to share the information below.

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Numbers low, help needed NOW !

16-09-2015 16:24

Although last week saw a reasonable number of people attend actions to disrupt the set up of DSEI arms fair at the Excel Centre the numbers protesting the actual fair this week have been very disappointing.

We need help !

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Berlin Weighs Controversial Parachuting Ramp

14-09-2015 09:59

It is designed with a middle plank that can be screwed off in case of war,
turning both lanes into one runway. But during peacetime, the military
training platform in the backyard of the CIA´s European headquarters is
groomed to appear as a motorway bridge running across a geologically
precious river valley between two steep mountain ranges. Legally however it is
especially delicate, as it is being claimed by a branch of the American
military-industrial complex which unilaterally came into existence only after
the ink under the respective multilateral treaties had dried.

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British Embassy in NZ claims "we're doing better than most European countries"

08-09-2015 03:48

British citizens in New Zealand protest UK response to refugee crisis outside British High Commission. Embassy spokesperon Pip Morris claims there has been no military intervention in Syria despite PM David Cameron admitting extra judicial assassinations in Syria.

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BLACK SKIN, WHITE FATIGUES Opposing Imperialist Army Recruitment

14-08-2015 21:01

As part of the First Annual Malcolm X Summer Festival, the Malcolm X Movement is organising this event: Opposing Imperialist Army Recruitment. End Gurkha Recruitment in the British Army

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UG#713 - The Deep State in Western Europe, 1972-1986 (The Vicious Cercle...)

13-08-2015 18:50

This week, a range of materials from scholarly articles to YouTube videos sheds some light on the murky world of post-WW2 deep political intrigue in Europe. The NATO run Operation Gladio is our point of departure, but False Flags are just the most dramatic of many forms of psychological warfare. In our second hour we look at an even now relatively little known group called "Le Cercle" which appears to have been actively engaged in similarly Machiavellian political manipulation carried out in many of the self-styled "democracies" of Western Europe.