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Anarchists breach DSEI arms fair's online security

Information Liberation Front | 17.09.2015 20:23 | Anti-militarism | Iraq | Palestine | London | World

The Information Liberation Front was able to access Hacking Team's visitor portal and EZONE account on the DSEI website and view information intended for DSEI exhibitors. We are happy to share the information below.

Hacking Team are war criminals, DSEI are war criminals, their security is shit... They should have expected us

Visitor Zone L Rana

EZONE Booking

Visitor Portal My Profile.pdf

dsei 2015 preview final

EZONE Delegation Visit Request

Admission Policy.pdf

Compliance and Eligibility to Exhibit Edit.pdf

Concierge Service.pdf

Diversity of debutants at DSEI.pdf

dsei2015 exhibitors open day overview of marketing and pr activity

dsei 2015 buyers and delegations

dsei 2015 exhibitor firearms guidance import export trade controls and customs draft 5

dsei2015 exhibitors open day agenda introduction

DSEI 2015 Conferences, Seminars & Events

DSEI 2015 Exhibitor Registration

DSEI 2015 is now two weeks away


EZONE DSEI 2015 Defence & Security Delegations

Show Team Contacts 2015

DSEI 2015 to showcase key defence capabilities for Asian markets

innovations and security

Security and Compliance

South Africa Inspiring New Ways

The First Sea Lord-RUSI International Sea Power Conference

US companies choose DSEI

Venue Information

Visitor Portal Entry Information

Visitor Portal Meet the Supply Chain

Visitor Portal MESSAGE

World class medical conferences take place next week

Your invitation to the Meet the Supply Chain initiative


air theatre

east theatre

global partnerships theatre

live demonstrations

medical inovation theatre

naval theatre

security and special forces theatre

strategic conferences

west theatre

Information Liberation Front