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Trollhattan Killer´s Odd Obsession Revealed

Redford O. Thomas | 23.10.2015 12:44 | Anti-militarism | Ecology | Gender | World

Young male serial killers, unless they have imams or rabbis, tend to have one thing in common: A sort of an hobby pursued like a profession-to-be they tend to spend most of their time with – either it is their guns, or a cultural supremacism or over-affirmation of leadership, or a commercial aberration binding unguarded personality traits – as well as a huge motivation to stick to it. And it is hard to turn down the thought experiment that if the world was as in the capitalist war propaganda, as stacks of wasted paper and box office charts would like to suggest, there would be a special place for them as specific professionals. But in the real life of international system average and climate chaos they are dead-enders.

A qualified look must begin with the observation that these days that reservoir is already being tapped before someone makes you want to cry for Red Adair. Phenomena such as the American Tea Party, the Libyan Regime Change or the Ukrainian Colour Renaissance have built themselves upon dead-end loners recruited for and integrated into an architecture of power and control. Yet since all of the above are enterprises without clear destination and arrival, it would be cynical to speculate that the long-term effects of such social engineering monsters were less damaging than the pile of black smoke conquering the screens once the spark hits the gusher.

Indeed it is next to impossible for a teen coincidentally coming to witness the effects of these efforts upon the professionals perpetrating them not to conclude that the dead-enders must have got a serious point. The clerical error of a decade lost to defiance for gun control campaigns was the attempt to limit the circulation of the hardware. Yet in an era of ever-increasing military exports, such a cheese-cup approach cannot be taken serious and only bring about debate quagmire. It is not that the idea of limiting hardware circulation was wrong, but that it is so right that in order to be effective it has to begin at a deeper level – below zero actually, with cutting military sales.

And that is still only the smaller part of the truth, as guns specifically produced for killing are increasingly getting substituted with dual-use items. Ultimately they can only be kept in check with a cut against the social engineering efforts triggering the incidents, the Swedish swordsman chasing the school being the latest high profile example thereof. Not due to some parental or nutritional malfunction they go nuts, but because they drifted into the gravity of an official disinformation campaign before they caught up a signal that opened their eyes, and decided to invest all of their efforts into catapulting themselves out of the former. And once they understand how adult society is besieged by such black holes, in their eyes their bullets appear as mere specks.

What would have become of the Trollhattan killer had he not become a killer can only be guessed. But according to a suburban gardening club in the area, the young man had terrorised his neighbourhood before he terrorised the school. “In our earlier days we drew anger when we climbed for cherries and accidentally broke a branch” said a senior member. “But this guy went along with his sniffer dog whacking off branches for no purpose at all where-ever one of us had happened to take a break. We were discussing on top of our organisation meeting why somebody would like to do this, and finally my brother who is a psychiatrist in Denmark said on the phone that it is as if Jehovah´s Witnesses were ringing your doorbell without Jehovah. Yet my bell ceases ringing once you take off your finger.”

This would explain why in the aftermath of the incident a local doctor has explained to prosecutors that the young man when getting treated for a cold asked which paths he was recommending to seniors for taking a walk. “At the time I wondered why he would want to know, but since prevention can never set in too early, of course I told him for the sake of his relatives too.” The doctor later noticed how the health effects on patients following his recommendations decreased but said he was lacking waterproof scientific evidence to diagnose a hate crime. The doctor elaborated that during this period his prescriptions of blood pressure medications for the same group had increased as well, making him erroneously assume patients had given distorted or mutilated feedback.

The pathological tree-hater, who only two or three generations earlier might have been hired as a colonial soldier paving the way for destructive corporations, today – as indigenous people to be driven off virginal lands without proof they could bring to impoverished cities have become almost extinct – is an useless stub of a career. But false flag spies are still licking their fingers to get one of these into their hands, always longing to tap into public anger as to keep the effects of their activities away from themselves. And once the wolves feel someone trying to attempt to put them on a leash they are beginning to bite whomever they can reach, and who does not wear ankle protectors and gear.

So where does the anger originate from? Was it Vietnam trauma treatment films flushing across the Atlantic with the conservative side-effect of being mistaken as role models, paramilitary advertising following the “anti”-terrorist policy to demonstrate the weapon without showing the blood which fired back, or Ku-Klux-Klan type hate-propaganda characters masquerading as American idols blowing up once again? The professional view is that we might never have been attracted to any interest therein, had not someone taken efforts to tap into the anger, which just unlike oil is becoming more once doing so and dries out if not. Though in a moment when medics were still too confused to see through the fog of war, the table of elders failed to blow the whistle.

Is there a female version of this as well? No matter whether creative or dead-ender, females tend to take sidelined roles in the lives of Gary Geek and Joe Nerd. But usually there is a self-reliant minority of females going the same track without mating. Yet unless one would widen the focus to the increasing amount of young people who when developing an idea of their life cannot find themselves appropriately seated in the job market and its forefront career models, the phenomenon is more openly exposed in the gun representation community, such as NRA poster girls. Once again, the explanation that no “fnerds” (fracked nerds) from the other sex have occurred in the public may as well be as profane as that they all applied for jobs with their pimps.

Redford O. Thomas