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Rumsfeld's war, torture and occupation ideology!

23-12-2004 03:58

But the US looking for a peaceful Iraq after they blew the country to bits and killed over a 100,000 innocent, men, women and children is deluded! Especially after going on to torture any resistance there.

These folks have lost everything you terrorists, even their faith in human nature!

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Carnage in the Canteen

22-12-2004 19:47

Puddles of bright red blood, lunch trays and overturned tables and chairs covered the floor.

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22-12-2004 02:45


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Bliar aids US nuke targets

22-12-2004 01:44

second USUK Fallujah massacre
UK secretly backs removal of nuclear chief
By Clayton Hirst
19 December 2004
Item from The independant shows how far the bliar poodler has gone.
How long can he last is open to question, given that poodlers tend to crack up in the end. As the poodler's own poddlers get caught out lying etc., we maty see the psychopathology play out in a suicide in the family as the awareness of his aiding the USUK atrocities in Iraq dawn.

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Two Dozen Soldiers Killed

21-12-2004 19:06

The force of the explosions knocked soldiers off their feet and out of their seats. A fireball enveloped the top of the tent, and shrapnel sprayed into the men.
Amid the screaming and thick smoke that followed, quick-thinking soldiers turned their lunch tables upside down, placed the wounded on them and gently carried them into the parking lot.
"Medic! Medic!" soldiers shouted.

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Army Blames Anti-War Movement for Drop in Recruits!!

21-12-2004 11:58

Army blames Iraq for drop in recruits

Lorna Martin, Scotland editor
Sunday December 19, 2004
The Observer

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21-12-2004 10:27

According to the article, which Ive posted below, it seems as if the hangars for the b2s are now built. The b2s are the planes capable of dropping mini-nukes. Fairford would almost certainly be the base used if another US war is declared in the next few years. I understand that the base is currently being used to fly stuff out to the Gulf still?

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Report of the Glasgow Film Theatre launch of `Dear Mrs Blair` . Sunday 19th.

21-12-2004 05:14

Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) Rose Street, Glasgow.
This is a 1,600 word report of the launch of the film `Dear Mrs Blair` at the Glasgow Film Theatre (GFT) on Sunday 19th December 2004. Five labelled photos of the night are attached.

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Rose Gentle Calls for Blair to Be Sacked - Report Back from 'Dear Mrs Blair'

21-12-2004 00:09

Camcorder Guerillas screened UK premiere of 'Dear Mrs Blair' a film and message to the wife of the warmonger in charge of the country from a mother grieving the loss of her son in a war for capitalism

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Centre Point bleeds

20-12-2004 11:29

I was out "shopping" on Charing Cross Road on Sunday when I noticed Centre Point's foutain/ pond and decided to take some photos.

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Iraq: Conscientious Objector Witnessed Abuse, Killing of Iraqi Detainees at Abu

20-12-2004 00:46

Conscientious Objector Witnessed Abuse, Killing of Iraqi Detainees at Abu Ghraib

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Petition Calling For The Investigation Of Cyber Warfare By The Pentagon Against

19-12-2004 11:32

Please take a moment to demand an investigation into the Pentagon's cyber warfare project targeting dissent.

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Peace on Earth - Silent Vigil Monday 20th Dec

19-12-2004 11:15

Silent vigil for world peace.

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How to guide, DIY Democracy for beginners

19-12-2004 04:02

Democracy antone, can do it? Ever thought you were not given the complete picture? ,Too many questions left unanswered, too many pieces missing, conspiracy theories fuelling speculation, head lost in the void? filling in the empty space with more lies, fantasies destroyed as reality unfolds pushing aside the lies and deceptions and all we are left with is dented pride. I can't live like this, so if your like me, I go digging and ‘looky here’ what I found, the true story

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Doublespeak in Action: The Ravaging of Gaza Continues

18-12-2004 18:41

Pay attention to what the Israeli ruling elite does, not what it says. Dec. 17th brought the incursion of some 25 tanks, bulldozers and armored vehicles into the Khan Younis refugee camp. Continuing a policy of collective punishment of ordinary civilians, the shattering of their everyday lives and demoralization, numerous homes were intentionally demolished and a number of residents were murdered and wounded.

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Lothian Iraqi Worker Solidarity group

18-12-2004 15:05

Lothian Iraqi Workers solidarity group

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What are They fighting for ?

18-12-2004 12:28

False Democracy?
Ever thought you were not given the complete picture, filling in the empty space with conspiracy theories, more lies, fantasies destroyed as reality unfolds pushing aside the lies and deceptions
,Too many questions left unanswered, imaginations fuelling speculation in the void and all we are left with is dented pride.
But we mean well
Well if your like me, I go digging and ‘looky here’ what I found

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Pentagon to Publish Propaganda-Laden Bibles

18-12-2004 07:20

The Dept. of Defense plans to buy thousands of Bibles containing Army-specific photos and text-inserts, which it will distribute to the elite Special Operations Command.

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Iran not off the hook yet

17-12-2004 17:59

The US and Iran are headed for a Neocon driven confrontation, say three of America's leading experts. But an Administration desire to control the Persian Gulf's energy, not nuclear questions, is the real force driving a clash, making Iran "the frontline state in the anti-hegemonist camp".

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"Dear Mrs. Blair" film screening in Glasgow

17-12-2004 17:30

A film by Camcorder Guerillas

SUN, 19 DEC 2004, 7:30-8:30pm
Glasgow Film Theatre-CINEMA 1
12 Rose Street
Glasgow G3 6RB

‘Dear Mrs Blair’ is a personal video letter to Cherie Blair, mother to mother from Rose Gentle. Rose’s son, Gordon, was killed on 28 June 2004 in Iraq. He joined the army at the age of 19, in a job centre in Glasgow, just six months before his death.