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KYAW SWA | 22.12.2004 02:45 | Anti-militarism | Repression


As Khin Nyunt is fired, and the top general assumes power, Aung San Suu Kyi is endangered by a bunch of sexist men in power. International community must unite to free her and Tin Oo, along with Burma's political prisoners.
Powerful generals must free the foxy dame Daw Aung San Suu Kyi instantly!

Firstly please allow me to thank you, supporters of Burma's freedom,and know that we respect you for your loveful work.

Surely it is time to end the suffering of Burmese people, NLD leaders and save Daw Aung San Suu Kyi's life and sanity. Mr. Taksin Shinawatra is so wrong to be convinced by General Than Shwe and power freaks who were unkind to General Khin Nyunt, or the late dictator General Ne Win.

Remember the coloniser Victorian Regina take over of the Mandalay Court in 1885? The lay folks did nothing to free King Thibaw and Queen Supayalat. And the Laos' monarchs died in captivity by the communist generals.

Merely we sigh, whisper to rumour in the errors and futility of politics, Asian democracies' hypocrisies and surfing the joyride of the superpowers’ outspokenness. 1988 revolution and massacres did not fail only for the gentle martyr souls who fell and lost their lives, but for the Burmese in millions who are survivors of injustice and political atrocity. Before the uprisings in Romania, Tianamen Square or even Russia and Eastern Europe, Burmese hay fire began their subtle, peacock revolution asking for liberty and democracy. Only Burma failed to achieve what it began to win, how odd, how tragic! Only because the military in Burma used guns to oppress its citizens.

Burmese are not brave, as one might think so. The Burmese race produced a narrow-minded greedy who are uneducated power-mongers, xenophobic and monopolizing the nation's money which should go directly to its dirt poor citizens. At dawn, one may see barefooted young boys with hopeless eyes carrying charcoal roadside where the rich drive daintily.

Even the once-political youth are now aimless roaches, consuming alcohol, Chinese and Korean soaps and the capitalistic waste. Burma died decades ago with the heroes, rebels and ethnic freedom fighters whose souls shall mock us as a weak and refugee lot.

Burmese government is everything but not poor, able to buy hundreds of million dollars worth of goods from China or Thailand; yet sadly, the poor in Rangoon and monks travel on crowded, dangerous and old buses in the capital, ironically named as "the end of danger". If Tibet were continued to be occupied by the pseudocommunist China, Burma could soon perish. The UN under Mr. Annan has indeed been sincere and committed to free Burma's youth, women and the powerless millions. Asian, ASEAN and western governments could be a role model in helping to free Burma instead of agreeing with Mr Taksin's groundless logic rooted in anti-NLD sentiment due to business ties with the junta.

If considerate, we must be aware that frail and ageing Daw Aung San Suu Kyi has already suffered from loneliness, isolation from communication and a major stomach-illness for which she went under surgery last year.

Surely we can organise a great machine to win over the evil and greedy nature in humanhood, the divide and damaged feelings in Burma can be repaired; then we will be rewarded with a free and happy century ahead for both ASEAN and the earth. Let us no longer sell our souls for business profits only in this corporate greed age.

Remember Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot? Rama, the rightful refugee lord of people, eventually won Dathagiri (Taosakarn) of ten evil heads, if Burma or Aung San Suu Kyi can be seen as Thida (Sita) the lady. I think Mao Tse Don was wise in saying the real power is behind the barrel of the gun. Yet how did collective history judge Mao?

Burma cannot do it alone; push now comes to shove, and a few months of the noble and passionate support can better the lives of 50 million in Burma this century. The Bush administration, ASEAN, Thailand and EU must join the common Burma peoples' cause to install democracy, civil liberty and national happiness they deserve, when all is free and fair.

She is a sincere Burmese writer who feels the pain of people.