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Iranian envoy asks U.N. to stop U.S. threats

02-05-2006 15:17

This only makes sense, since we know that the Extremists in DC ( planned this War at the same time they planned for war in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Given this, there is nothing in the world that can "legitimize" the planned US/Israeli invasion and subsequent occupation.

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Peace in the Park Parade

02-05-2006 14:15

On Saturday 3rd June the general cemetary hosts the 4th Peace in the Park festival, but it would be a pity to just have just one little island of peace in the city, so we would like to have a Parade of Peace and Understanding, going from the centre and moving through Sheffield to the festival.

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02-05-2006 12:13

You'll of course be unlikely to miss it. It could be news for days (at least until the next scandal!)

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Americans: Evil and Stupid People

01-05-2006 20:38

This was in response to the hundreds of emails I received for my article Death made in America

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War on Terror's Hit Parade: An Islamophobia Retrospective

01-05-2006 18:30

Before we attack another Muslim country, shouldn't we inventory the psyops campaign that creates permission in the public mind for war on Iran? Isnt war the ultimate hate crime?

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Audio Round up of News from Palestine on May Day 2006

01-05-2006 16:34

The daily audio round up of events in Palestine for May Day 2006.

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01-05-2006 10:59


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Mission Accomplished

01-05-2006 08:59

3 years from the Day that President Bush announced 'Mission Accomplished' on the USS Abraham Lincoln, Felicity Arbuthnot, examines the devestation that this 'Mission' has produced, most notably the radiological pollution that has claimed thousands of victims amongst civilian in Iraq (and Afghanistan). With many solidiers now coming home ill from this pollution, what actually has been accomplished?

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01-05-2006 07:15

Pixel4peace© will use the power of internet to organize a worldwide voting AGAINST war and FOR peace and dialogue - specially and first of all for dialogue with the islamic part of our world PLEASE SUPPORT The Pixel4peace© now! Pixel4peace© is a worldwide initiative for DIALOGUE of the cultures and AGAINST WAR WITH IRAN !

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Danny Schechter of Globalvision in London Wednesday 3rd May

01-05-2006 00:22

Independent film maker Danny Schehcter will be in London this Wednesday (World Press freedom day) to promote his new film `WMD weapons of mass deception`.

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Amnesty International documents European complicity in secret US rendition progr

30-04-2006 23:49

Torture Freedom
The following is the second of a two-part article. The first part was posted April 28. New details on the practice of illegal kidnapping and the secret internment of alleged terror suspects carried out by the US secret service agency, the CIA, emerged in a report issued by the human rights organisation Amnesty International earlier this month. (See “Below the radar: Secret flights to torture and ‘disappearance’”).

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Israel cannot be criticized (by Latuff)

30-04-2006 21:06

The Lobby is watching you!
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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US Fines fail to deter flood of new Human Shields Volunteers

30-04-2006 13:42

The ongoing law suits against the human shields who went to Iraq, have not stopped the rapid growth of numbers pledging to go to Iran human shields.

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Don't Attack Iran Protest

30-04-2006 13:15

Demonstration Saturday 6th May 2pm at Churchill Square, Brighton.

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The Untold Story of Israel's Bomb

30-04-2006 06:20

While Israel and the United States Under PNAC ( continue to manipulate a UN report - which states that Iran is in full compliance with the Non-Proliferation Treaty (and the media makes no effort to correct this) - in order to create the facade of a "justification" for an Act of Aggression they've planned for years, it's interesting to look back on the history of these two nuclear powers.

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Living With War

30-04-2006 05:18

We don't all have to believe
"We don't all have to believe in what our President believes to be patriotic." -Neil Young-.

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`Stop the War on Iran before it starts` talk by Professor Abbas Edalat

29-04-2006 21:25

This is a 640 word article about the talk on Iran given in Edinburgh on April 27th 2006 by Professor Abbas Edalat of Imperial College London. Five photos are attached.

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Death Made In America

29-04-2006 18:17

Warning: Frightening and Disturbing Photo Essay

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Uncle Sam wants you DEAD! (by Latuff)

29-04-2006 16:48

Hitler Sam
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Mugged Again With the Same Smoking Gun

28-04-2006 20:58

The United Nations Security Council, under heavy US-Israeli pressure- finds Iran noncompliant to the NPT. The same cast and plot are reprising the next act on the warpath to WW$.