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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Cardiff Activist Arrests Bomber Blair!

30-09-2003 16:24

A peace protestor from Cardiff has performed a citizen’s arrest on the Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

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Dr. Strangelove salutes you

30-09-2003 13:23

abaolute pest
Never seen perish their own children

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More photos from the London march

30-09-2003 10:43

Tony Blair speaks
Here are some more photos from the End The Occupation march in London.

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This is Camp X-ray exhibition

29-09-2003 16:45

Don't cross the line
New North West Exhibition explores Imperialism, Internment and Immigration

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Retired Irish Army Commandant Ed Horgan Protests the War

29-09-2003 16:36

Retired Army Commandant Ed Horgan
{ photos by redjade in .ie }

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Edinburgh 'End the Occupation' Demo, pictures.

29-09-2003 15:09

Tony 'n' George
Pictures of Edinburgh Demonstration to end the occupation of Iraq and Palestine, 27.9.03

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Other other Thursday 20th in 2003

29-09-2003 10:17

On Thursday, 20th March 2003, aka Day X, we demonstrated in our own cities. 8 months to the day later, again a Thursday, George Bush will be enjoying the delights of British Royal Hospitality. I suggest we recreate a bit of day X specially for him.

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15 Photos of London End Occupation Demo 270903

29-09-2003 08:06

Here's my second attempt to post these pics. Administrators - please delete my last attempt as the pics didnt upload properly.

Many thanks to everyone who made my day a good one on saturday, and blessings to everyone around the world who joined in this struggle.
Thank you for existing!

Hugh Mann

read my article at

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Conscience or Complicity: The Altered State Solution

29-09-2003 04:35

The United States continues to support Israel with BILLIONS of tax dollars while Israel blatantly disregards International and Humanitarian Laws, especially and most poignantly against children collected in mass retaliations who are locked away indefinitely in prisons. Meanwhile US mainstream medias continue their biased and slanted coverage reporting one terror victim and not another.

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Are these American human rights?

29-09-2003 02:14

A man was killed and two of his children wounded when two U.S. missiles struck their farm in the middle of the night, last week. "May God's curse fall upon the Americans, for they have no fear of God," said the man's cousin, who asked, "Are these American human rights?"

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End the Occupation March Photos

28-09-2003 23:10

Blair Must Go
Many thank yous to everyone I met at the March, and the many people I had the pleasure of photographing. I hope our efforts, with other like minded individuals around the world will help raise the conciousness of others on the planet, that we can once and for all banish war to history.

If you like these please let me know, if you would like to publish them then get in touch for higher qual pics.

Here's to a better world.

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Manchester CND Peace Dogs Speak Out!

28-09-2003 19:07

Not everyone could get to the anti-Iraq war demo in London yesterday. In Manchster, those who could not attend held an imprompru rally in the peace Gardens of St Peter's Square.

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Photos from anti-occupation demo

28-09-2003 18:59

orange tank
A few photos from the march and rally against the occupation of Iraq, London 27th September.

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BAE Systems spy on anti-arms trade activists

27-09-2003 23:30

UK weapons giant BAE Systems pays spooks to spy on CAAT - article in this weekend's Sunday Times

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Why the pisspoor coverage of the big London anti-war demo?

27-09-2003 23:24

Contrast the appalling feature column coverage of Saturday's big anti-war demo in London with the blow by blow, hourly, coverage of DSEi.

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Some of the chalk graffiti from todays Trafalgar Sq protest

27-09-2003 22:50

One really imaginative idea on today's End the Occupation of Iraq demo was to distribute many many boxes of coloured chalk amongst the crowds in Trafalgar Square for them to do their own thing with on the paving stones. The kids especially loved the idea. Here's a selection of some of the work.

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samba bands join forces on anti-occupation rally

27-09-2003 22:24

members of London-based rhythms of resistance joined the sheffield samba band to create an almighty sound at today's rally

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Crowd release boy arrested for chalk offence

27-09-2003 22:10

At today's anti-occupation rally in London, a young boy was arrested by police for graffitiing a wall with chalk. Eventually they were shamed into releasing him.›

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Some pics from the End Occupation of Iraq London demo

27-09-2003 22:04

Aerial view looking towards Speakers Corner and Park Lane
Contrary to mainstream media reports there were huge numbers on this march. Maybe not millions as in February but probably 100,000.