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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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What Is Happening in America?

17-06-2003 21:51

This article, one of the best short analyses of the Bush regime's policies, was published by "Vorwarts," Germany.

First Published 08 June 2003

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17-06-2003 19:43

The following article has been suppressed by the Independent newspaper; no links to the article work.

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Media Propaganda

17-06-2003 16:16

A critique - indespensible as usual - of biased media coverage of Iraq : by MediaLens

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Air based Laser to further escalate global tension

17-06-2003 14:39

In just 2004 the U.S. military plans to have its airborn laser ready. The idea is to neutralise the threat of Long-range nuke tipped missiles. Using converted 747s fitted with a massive High-Energy Laser missiles can be destroyed in the 'bloom' phase early in their takeoff. Acting injustly whilst smothering any possible avenue for resistence and the assertion of national or transnational autonomy will lead to outright global war. This is another step in the wrong direction.Attached below is a recently submitted environmental impact assessment submitted to the U.S. Gov. If any of you are interested in finding out more about this the project is the YAL-1A Airborne laser. According to "Combat Aircraft" the first prototype (a heavily modified 747-400) was delivered to Edwards Airforce base on the 19th of December.

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Arms protesters picket student ball

17-06-2003 12:37

Southmapton University Student Ball picketed by arms protesters.

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Faslane Peace Camp's Birthday Blockade of Rolls-Royce

12-06-2003 19:54


12TH JUNE 2003


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US soldiers accused of raping underage iraqi's

10-06-2003 14:44

more scandal that mainstream news seems to have missed

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FIlm night in Sheffield

22-05-2003 01:03

Documentaries about the invasion of Iraq, the human shields project in Iraq and the peace movement.

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"CONFLICT" *** Benefit gig for Disarm DSEi ***

18-05-2003 17:56


Copy the text and paste it onto lots of websites, email it to friends, etc.

We need to raise awareness and funding.

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Disarm DSEi - how to get involved

18-05-2003 10:41

Ideas that came out of the 8th May Open Meeting, plus how to join a working group, and help put those ideas into action.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction on the road to Coulport, North of Glasgow !

11-05-2003 22:00

Do you want to be a weapons inspector?

A British military convoy carrying illegal weapons of mass destruction is due to arrive in Scotland on Monday. The heavily guarded convoy of lorries slipped out of a top-secret atomic bomb factory near Reading on Saturday morning and travelling by road is due to arrive at its destination - a nuclear bomb store at Coulport on Loch Long on the Clyde - on Monday afternoon.
Each of the three lorries in the convoy is thought to be carrying two nuclear warheads which each have a destructive capacity eight times the bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

[ report | Faslane Peace Camp | CND | Trident Ploughshares ]

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Nuclear transport through Scotland expected on Monday 12th of May

11-05-2003 20:31

A nuclear transport is on the road, heading for Scotland.
There will be protests against these weapons of mass destruction.
The nuclear warheads are expected to arrive at Coulport, near Faslane, Helensburgh, on Monday, 12th of May 2003 in the afternoon.

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Stop War Coalition says Labour MPs that voted for war are anti-war

11-05-2003 15:23

Posted on an antiwar list for direct action people.

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ISM Reports: Update On Continuing Activist Arrests

11-05-2003 14:53


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Pict Defence Force :There Is No Scotland-Only Aberforth

10-05-2003 17:08

The Latest News From Occupied Scotland

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activists to be deported from Gaza

09-05-2003 17:16

2 activists to be deported for trying to enter the Gaza strip...

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Pro-War MP egged in Manchester

09-05-2003 12:29

Pro-war MP Gerald Kaufman ventured onto the streets of his Gorton constituency last night to be greeted by a wide range of jeering opponents - not to mention some flying free-range ones!

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M3 Sheffield Demonstration

03-05-2003 16:41

M3 Sheffield Demonstration
There was a "Protest against War, Racism and Privatisation" in Sheffield on 3rd March 2003. (article 1)

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From Mayday to DSEi

01-05-2003 21:48

Now that yesterday’s Mayday protests are over, anti-capitalists are preparing to target DSEi (Defence Systems Equipment International), the largest European arms fair of 2003. It will take place from the 9th to the 12th September at the Excel centre in London’s Docklands.