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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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The killing of Jean Charles de Menezes

18-08-2005 15:56

Craig Murray reacts to the latest revelations about the probable murder of Jean Charles de Menezes

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List of DSEi Arms fair exhibitors addresses in the West Midlands

18-08-2005 14:39

Merchants of Death dribble over the XM-395 Precision Guided Mortar Munition
DSEi (Defense Systems and Equipment International) is the largest Arms Fair in Europe. It takes place every two years at the Excel centre in East London. This year it takes place from 13th - 16th September. Arms dealers and their manufacturers from all over the world descend on London's docklands to profit from other people's misery and death.

The Resistance:

Thousands of people seek to shut DSEi down using a variety of non-violent direct action methods including affinity groups and blockades. DISARM DSEi is co-ordinating a week of action and resistance to the arms fair and the unjust global system that supports it from 10th - 16th September.

From the Disarm DSEi website

'We envisage a week of affinity group actions and public events. We are planning a conference with workshops, training sessions and information-sharing in the days leading up to the arms fair itself, which runs from 13 – 16 September. If you would like us to publicise any of your group’s events, please let us know. Disarm DSEi is a non-hierarchical organisation. We have no guidelines and work by consensus.'

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DSEi: Exhibitor addresses in London

18-08-2005 12:01

Below is a list of exhibitors at this year's DSEi who have offices at the following addresses in London.

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Iceland is fascist!

18-08-2005 01:51

police and special forces, called Vicking Squat are following protesters 24h a daz , undercover and not undercover. The state and the immegration office has issued deportation orders for 21 protesters......

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The true face of policing in Brighton and Hove.

17-08-2005 23:34

"The true face of policing in Brighton and Hove".
We need help distributing the 10000+ leaflets door to door in Brighton on Sunday.

Please come to the Cowley club at 12pm Sunday

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fascist iceland

17-08-2005 18:20

icelandic government orders deportation of 21 protesters, that took action against Alcoa and the Kárahnjúkar Dam. Methods to capture the people involved are filthy and fascist!!

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police attempt eviction of EDO camp

17-08-2005 12:49

the police tried unsuccessfully yesterday to brutally evict the Smash peace camp taking place in Brighton yewterday, They arrived at the camp in the woods behind EDO's factory at around 4pm with a council ranger to inform the 5 people on camp that campers had until 6pm to vacate the camp. The council would then seize any remaining property.

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Jean Charles was wearing a denim jacket, not a bulky winter coat!!!

17-08-2005 10:25

Leaked Secret Documents Confirm Police Lied About De Menezes

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WE "OUT" AN EX-CIA AGENT -- Bush Admin's Renditioner in Italy Scandal

17-08-2005 05:39

Likeness of Robert S. Lady
WANTED IN EUROPE: US CIA Agent Robert Seldon Lady: A CIA agent, under arrest warrant in Europe, is on the lam. We reveal where he probably is for the first time, plus many other new details. Call this story the "Theory of Everything" about the the War on Terror and the Iran-Contra affair if you like, but it is basically a crime story. When arrested, Robert Seldon Lady could lay bare the Niger-nukes forgery thousands of American troops have died over. He is wanted with 18 others in the CIA kidnapping-for-torture of a Muslim cleric in Italy.

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Between the Crosses

17-08-2005 03:04

Some thoughts that crossed my mind after hearing Cindy Sheehan speak

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Brighton City Council Intervene To Stop Illegal Eviction Of Peace Camp

16-08-2005 23:21

In which Sussex Police outdo themselves by exposing their
cosy relationship with corporate bomb makers EDO MBM and the
shamefaced city council actually help Smash EDO to go on protesting by stopping the illegal eviction of the peace camp.

Another interesting day in Brighton.

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Our worst nightmares

16-08-2005 21:33

Unbelievable... or prehaps not. Evidence revealed by ITV news confirms that police incompetence appears to have played a major role in their murder of Jean Charles, the Brazilian electrician shot dead on the tube. Worse still, it confirms that police repeatedly lied to excuse the fuck up.

Jean Charles was no identified leaving the building under 'surveliance' because the cop on duty was taking a piss. Then an order was made to stop Jean Charles but it was never carried out. Jean Charles took a bus unaware that his death warrent was soon to be signed by carelessness and miscommunication of the British police force. He entered the tube, walking, collected a free paper to read on the train, waved his oyster card over the sensor and passed trough the barriers like any other passenger. He proceeded down to the platform and ran for the train on the platform. Once on the train, he took his seat like everyone else, still unaware of his impending doom and the hand of the trained killers of the farce. He carried no bag and wore a thin blue denim jacket - nothing at all to cast any suspicion on him or justify his muder. Only at this stage did police identify themselves, as they shoot him dead in cold blood at poiny blank range.

Be afraid.. but be angry!

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Smash EDO protest camp eviction averted by Brighton Council

16-08-2005 17:42

The illegal eviction of Smash EDO peace camp has been averted by Bighton Council who were unwilling to approve an illegal eviction which appears to have been prompted by Sussex police and Guardian Guards (EDO's security firm) based in Worthing.

Police have colluded with EDO's security firm Guardian Guards in an attempt to illegally evict the campers from council property.

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Nightime Adventures at EDO MBM Fishersgate

16-08-2005 14:36

Last night persons unknown paid a nightime visit to EDO MBM Fishersgate, EDO Corporation's lesser known factory in Brighton. EDO Fishersgate makes weapons to sell on to Israel (amongst other state terrorists).

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An Appeal for Article 9

16-08-2005 12:42

On the 60th anniversary of the end of World War II, an appeal for international action for peace through Article 9, the war-renouncing clause of the Constitution of Japan....

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Carry on up the injunction

16-08-2005 11:40

"Darth Vader" - the goon in charge of security at bomb release mechanisms manufacturer, EDO MBM came face to face with himself at an action outside the arms manufacturers premises yesterday afternoon.

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Foreign Policy / Israeli State & Ultra Right / US Anti-war Movement

16-08-2005 11:21

Foreign Policy / Israeli State & Ultra Right / US Anti-war Movement

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Norwegians criticised over minister's killing

16-08-2005 09:49

The Norwegian-led Sri Lankan Monitoring Mission has been criticised after the killing of Sri Lankan foreign minister Lakshman Kadirgamar, whose funeral was on 15 August. It has been claimed that concern over human rights violations have been ignored.

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Sands calls Bliar a cowboy - declares Iraq War illegal on BBC radio

15-08-2005 12:20

Here's a BBC World Service interview with Philip Sands not broadcast on BBC Domestic for some odd reason. The interview is dated late March 2005 and coincided with his book release 'Lawless World'.

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Free Anti-War Film Festival Tonight

15-08-2005 08:41

As part of this years Portobello Film Festival in London, shall be screening an evening of films, including 'A Letter To The Prime Minister', The story of Jo Wilding’s amazing Children’s Circus in Fallujah after even Al Jazeera had left.