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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Birmingham University's investment in the Arms Trade

30-06-2005 11:26

New Campaign Against Arms Trade figures regarding shares held by Birmingham University.

Did you know that your university heavily invests in the arms trade?

Figures accurate at time of writing (June 2005).

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Speculations about Future US Policy

29-06-2005 09:24

"Without making any perceptible concessions, Condoleezza Rice signalled that the gulfs could be bridged and coopera-tion with Europe promoted. Her cold sneer seemed to say: cooperation on our conditions.. Many factors will stop the `arrogance of power' (Senator Fulbright)."

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Manchester STOP BUSH Demo Weds 6th July

28-06-2005 23:35

Stop this mad man and save the planet - Wednesday 6th July
Protest the day George W Bush arrives in Scotland for the G8
If you can't make the Gleneagles Demo or a Live8 concert or screening
Don't miss out - come and join this solidarity protest

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Brighton Processin against Caterkiller

28-06-2005 19:13

Disinvest in Illegal occupation
Caterkiller Week of Action

Last week’s week of action against CATerpillar took in nottingham, Derbyshire and Solihull and ended with a procession through the streets of Brighton on Saturday in protest against High Street Stores selling CAT footwear and clothing.

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28-06-2005 17:40

Blair puts in a much stronger showing as the antichrist's dog than as the antichrist himself, with only 56,000 entries for the google search blair antichrist against 121,000 for blair poodle. Cheney and Sharon are in a tight race for 3rd place, while Rumsfeld and Putin bring up the rear.

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Who Killed Tom Hurndall? ISM London action in Camden

28-06-2005 16:38

On the day that the verdict was given in Israel on the killer of Camden resident Tom Hurndall, ISM London held a small action pointing out that systematic Israeli government/military policy is responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians - not just some "bad apples".

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Anglican Church Council in Nottingham :: Caterpillar, Zimbabwe,& Gays

28-06-2005 16:06

Attended by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams, they have one of these every three years. This year its been held at the University of Nottingham Jubilee Campus. Why this is interesting this year is that they're discusing 'ethical Investments'. Most notably, their investment of £2m in Caterpillar.

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Dahr Jamail Article About World Tribunal On Iraq

28-06-2005 15:21

The following article by Dahr Jamail was published on ZNet today.

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BAeS Arms Trade Protest

27-06-2005 23:39

Development of regular protest at BAe weapons factory at Brough(Humberside). 2nd protest took place outside the main gates.

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Verdict on Killing of Tom Hurndall: ISM London Press Release

27-06-2005 15:58

Press Release - 27 June 2005

Regardless of the outcome of today's verdict on the killing of Tom Hurndall, the International Solidarity Movement, London maintains that justice cannot been served while the culture of impunity in the Israeli army remains in tact. Tom was one of hundreds of civilians killed in Rafah alone in the past four years. He was shot whilst trying to get children out of the line of Israeli army gunfire. As he bent down to pick up a young boy, he was shot in the head.

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World Tribunal On Iraq Concluded Today

27-06-2005 15:47

The World Tribunal on Iraq concluded this morning with a press conference announcing the decision of the 'Jury of Conscience'. Here is the press release and jury statement from the WTI website:

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Searching for resistance in Afghanistan

27-06-2005 01:00

[File photo] (Rooters)
After the assassination plot against U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad was revealed to Kabul officials, spokesman Jawed Ludin said, "Our people are dying, our schools are getting burned, our mosques are getting blown up, and our clergy are getting assassinated."

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26-06-2005 21:01


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ID card database infomation in exchange for Trident

26-06-2005 19:47

Under the arrangements that Britain has with the US that allow us access to their nuclear technology in the Trident programme, America has long insisted that it should have access to all our intelligence material. That means the ID database will be automatically available to it.

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Italian Judge orders 13 CIA terrorists arrested

26-06-2005 16:01

Trying to Stop Global Torture Terror by Secret US Death Squads, tomorrow the warrant is followed by a 230 page investigation, a public report with the names and personal details of the accused CIA terrorists and their collaborators of american and foreign nationality.

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Pirates battling and singing for Iraq

26-06-2005 15:38

corporate pirates!
This Wednesday 29 June, the Corporate Pirates will be out en masse to protest at the Iraq Petroleum Conference 2005. The protest is taking place at the Hilton, Paddington, London. Assemble Edgware Road tube at 10.30am. Organised by Corporate Pirates and Iraq Occupation Focus. Come dressed as a pirate (if possible!) and look out for the pirates' galleon...

It's vital that many people come up to sing out the message that Iraqi wealth should be in the hands of the Iraqi people. We must stop the corporate plunder of Iraq!

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boycott caterkiller procession. Brighton.

25-06-2005 14:29

Cat statement
20 protesters visit brighton shops to call for a boycott of caterkiller until they stop selling D9 bulldozers to the Israeli military.

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Howard off to US, UK - part 5

25-06-2005 07:54

No help from the "Opposition" to stop the war, in sight
But what does it matter the first time or the second time "since the illegal and degrading war on Iraq"? Incidentally, a war, that killed, maimed and injured over 100,000 innocent men, women and children? It only matters I suppose to get the second part of the paragraph into this article.

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Censorship and the News from Iraq

25-06-2005 00:53

Independent media activist and journalist Dahr Jamail writes on the Amercian attempts at censoring the news from Iraq and reports recent events at Buhrez

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Reactionary terror continues in Lebanon

25-06-2005 00:21

Bombings and assassinations continue in Lebanon. The latest victim of this wave of terror was the 67-year old George Hawi, who was killed when a bomb detonated in his car; the former leader of the Lebanese Communist Party lost his life on June 21st, only a day after the so-called “anti-Syrian bloc” claimed victory in the parliamentary elections.