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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Actions at trident Ploughshares Camp

07-09-2005 23:23

Activists used lock-on tubes to block the road
This morning peace activists blockaded the nuclear weapon depot at Coulport on Loch Long, hampering day-shift worker traffic entering the base to a trickle and stopping it completely for almost an hour.

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anti war meeting in Swansea

07-09-2005 15:34

Anti war meeting in Swansea on tuesday the 13th September

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Another Fallen Soldier

07-09-2005 14:15

Through the medium of spoken word, Kamal Supreme suggest and explores reasons why our troops need to come back home. Over a hot beat produced by the Wondatwinz of Ohio This is a spoken word track with smooth hip hop flava!

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indymedia cinema London Thurs 8th

07-09-2005 12:16

London Indymedia and Filmmakers Against War present...

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Dsei Graffiti Adventure!

07-09-2005 11:12

oh no its the pigz!.....

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Americans Recruit Colombian Mercenaries for Iraq

07-09-2005 09:24

Swashbuckling, broken-in to anti-guerrilla fighting, less expensive than their American peers ... On an international mercenary market in full bloom, Colombians are more and more sought-after.

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'The Ambassador’s Last Stand' - A forthcoming BBC TV documentary

07-09-2005 09:18

News of a forthcoming TV documentary on the Craig Murray campaign against Jack Straw in Blackburn

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Nottingham Stop The War Coalition Meetings

06-09-2005 19:33

Meetings are held every week at 7.30pm in the International Community Centre on Mansfield Road.

See noticeboard in reception for room number.

Upcoming events will be posted on this site (the website is down at the moment)

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Democracy and the rule of law: the Iraqi alternative to US occupation

06-09-2005 17:11

The Iraqi National Foundation Conference is an independent Iraqi initiative for a democratic and unified Iraq. The anti-war movement should see building substantive links with this group as an urgent and immediate priority.

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The arms fair is coming to town - red pepper article

06-09-2005 16:06

The arms fair is coming to town
James O’Nions
September 2005

Part of east London will become a no-go zone this September as the capital once again plays unwilling host to the world’s largest arms fair. James O’Nions investigates...

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USAF Lakenheath demonstration

06-09-2005 10:36

Join our DEMONSTRATION AT U.S.A.F. LAKENHEATH to demand the withdrawal of an estimated 110 B61 nuclear bombs deployed at this base.

SUNDAY 25th SEPTEMBER from 12 noon
MAIN GATE (GATE 1) on the A1065 3 miles south of Brandon

QUAKER MEETING at 2.30 p.m.

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Nuclear science public meeting in Norwich

06-09-2005 10:33


"THE DREAM AND THE NIGHTMARE: nuclear science, nuclear weapons and new disarmament strategies"

SPEAKER: PROF. PETER NICHOLLS, University of Essex, and chair of Abolition 2000-UK

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DSEi convergence opening - Friday 9th Septembre

05-09-2005 07:25

The DSEi convergence centre will open on Friday 9th Setpember at 6pm

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DSEi freepaper needs your help this week

04-09-2005 09:59

If you are in London, your help is urgently needed to deliver thousands of copies of a free anti'arms trade newspaper to houses in the docklands area of east London near the Excel centre where the DSEi arms fair will be held in less than two weeks time.

There are 10,000 copies of the paper which contains information about DSEi, the arms trade in general, the protests planned and motivations behind them. It is hoped that the paper will mitigate against bad feelings generated locally when disruption occures and that the paper will also encourage local people to get involved in the campaign.

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[istanbul] freedom for mehmet

03-09-2005 17:50

advertising for militair
On 11 August 2005, Turkish conscientious objector Mehmet Tarhan was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment, on two charges of  "insubordination in front of his unit".
Today, on the 3rd of September, a demonstration against militarism took place in İstanbul around Taksim square.

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Breakfast Against Trade With Israel Delayed til Wednesday

03-09-2005 12:39

Due to the Carmel Agrexco court Case being Delayed

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'Different times' call for bill of rights, says QC

03-09-2005 02:36

To ensure no future government can erode basic human rights
But I don't know where he gets that from at the moment Australia's Human Rights record is appalling just ask any Refugee! Anyway I do understand pragmatism so I won't knock him any further because he wants to compromise with the government about their human rights record.

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Death Dealing DSEi to be targeted in Oxford.

02-09-2005 20:46

Calling everyone who believes in a fairer world without arms and the death and destruction they cause. A demonstration will be taking place this Thursday in solidarity with those campaigning against Europe's largest arms bazaar, DSEi. If you want to take part please meet on Thursday, 8th September at Carfax tower, from where we will be moving on to sites around the city. Bring bus money or bikes.

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Colonialism in the 21st Century: Our Ally, the state of Israel (Part 2)

02-09-2005 16:12

The fraud of the Gaza withdrawal, the garish hysteria of the evicted settlers, and the real trauma of eviction in the occupied territories