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DSEi freepaper needs your help this week

hamsters | 04.09.2005 09:59 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | London

If you are in London, your help is urgently needed to deliver thousands of copies of a free anti'arms trade newspaper to houses in the docklands area of east London near the Excel centre where the DSEi arms fair will be held in less than two weeks time.

There are 10,000 copies of the paper which contains information about DSEi, the arms trade in general, the protests planned and motivations behind them. It is hoped that the paper will mitigate against bad feelings generated locally when disruption occures and that the paper will also encourage local people to get involved in the campaign.

The paper has been printed and delivered to the
London Action Resource Centre at 62 Fieldgate Street, Whitechapel. 020 7377 9088

The bulk of the distro should be door-to-door and will need some kind of co-ordinated approach to avoid people duplicating the same streets. The best way would probably to have a single person act as co-ordinator to ensure it goes smoothly but in the absence of such a person at this time I have produced a page on the wiki that people can add details of which areas and streets they plan to do or have done.

See the webpage

There is a public meeting about DSEi in stratford on the 5th and that would be a good place to collect papers from and meet other people who may offer to help distribute.

Please do get involved and help to get this paper out ASAP before DSEi and before it becomes expensive toilet paper.

A london activist minibus has been offered to help with distribution. Contact for details or phone
07817 652029.

- e-mail:


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