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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Conscientious Objectors' Day 15th May 2004

15-05-2004 10:33

Saturday 15th May is International Conscientious Objectors Day and there is a festival today at Tavistock Square Gardens, Euston from 3pm.

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Brian Haw protest continues - 3 years in June!

14-05-2004 13:40

Brian Haw on Friday 7th May – shortly before his arrest. Vigil Day 1,072.
This is a short report about Brian Haw and his near 3 year vigil in Parliament Square. I have used some of the text from the emergency press release of May 10th, the four photos were taken by me before and after his arrest on May 10th.

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Breakfast with Caterkillar

14-05-2004 12:29

Caterkillar - Homewrecker of the Year 2004
Yesterday, we went to the Caterpillar offices near Solihull to present them with their well-deserved Homewrecker of the Year Award, and to ask the employees to take up the issue of arms sales to Israel with the company (see

Unfortunately, the employees were too shy to leave the building to talk to us. So this morning, we thought we'd join them for breakfast in the car park as they arrived for work.

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Berg Died for Bush, Rumsfeld 'Sins' - Father

13-05-2004 23:17

"My son died for the sins of George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld. This administration did this," Berg said.

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13-05-2004 22:54


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Desperately Seeking Similitude.

13-05-2004 20:21

What is Iraq like and what is it not like? Vietnam? Algeria? Lebanon? Kenya? Fricking Cambodia??? ... Myself? I think the situation in Iraq is exactly like when, in the 15th Century, Swiss peasant pikemen kicked the everloving shit out of the Burgundian cavalries called to the aid of the Habsburgs.

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The True Face of War Just Won't Go Away

13-05-2004 16:48

"Perhaps if we saw more of the true face of war in all its disgusting horror we'd be a little less quick to accept its necessity from politicians.. Already it begins to look like it might be President George W. Bush's political Waterloo.."

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13-05-2004 15:04

We have the pleasure to inform you that was inaugurated the official site of the film RAYMUNDO.

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Caterkillar refuses to accept Housewrecker of the Year award

13-05-2004 13:33

A work of art. How could they refuse?
Many of us have protested against Caterkillar in the past, on the High Street, at trade fairs, in their offices and in their factories (see links).

We have seen the error of our ways.

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shock 'n' awe

13-05-2004 11:09

shock 'n' awe
graffiti from London Bridge walk

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Stop Proxy Wars in Africa.

13-05-2004 00:20

After Iraq, the US intends to get at least one-quarter of its oil from

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fairford peace protester finally gets sentenced

13-05-2004 00:10

fairford peace protester finally gets sentenced....

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Top U.S. Senator Cautions Against Releasing Explosive New Prison Abuse Photos

12-05-2004 22:41

WASHINGTON (AFP) - The chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee cautioned the White House against releasing more photos showing abusive treatment of Iraqi prisoner by US troops, saying US nationals could be hit in revenge strikes.

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Kings of Pain" UK, USA and Israel

12-05-2004 20:24

UK, USA and Israel bathing the world in violence. Somehow it has to end.

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Weapons of torture factory blows up in Scotland (ICL Plastics)

12-05-2004 19:42

Weapons of torture factory blows up in Scotland (ICL Plastics)

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Al Qaeda Recruited U.S. Servicemen

12-05-2004 19:11

Saudi program converted thousands of U.S. servicemen to Islam; after Gulf War, soldiers targeted As Bosnian volunteers after leaving military.

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Influential US Conservative believes Iraqi abuse was 'Decent Punishment'

11-05-2004 22:08

"Let's face it, folks, we live in a society where sometimes the truth has to be shaded, denied, covered up, in order to protect people's feelings, in order to just keep things on a even keel." -- Rush Limbaugh, May 10, 2004

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may 15: II civil inspection of the NATO base in Valencia (Spain)

10-05-2004 18:21

2002: inspectors entering NATO Rapid Deployable Corps HQ in Valencia (Spain)
Another time some persons will enter as civil inspectors publicly the fences and wires, and will try to reach the main installations of the military base in order to realize an inspection.

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dublin video

10-05-2004 17:24

8.5 MB 3:49 Quicktime Mpeg4 video.

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10-05-2004 17:08

"Can a simple mind like Bush distinguish between terrorism and other religions? When it is the firm unshakable belief of a person that there is only one God, only his God, and he feels `chosen' by this God, how much openness will he bring for other ways of looking at things? How much tolerance can anyone completely convinced of the uniqueness of his God show other gods and their followers?.."