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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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Bush, Eugenics and Population Control

04-07-2006 13:42

Eugenics (Greek for 'good birth') is the study of methods to improve the human race by controlled selective breeding - bolstered by its concomitant term 'population control'.

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US Independence Day protest occupation of top secret nuclear bunker in the UK

04-07-2006 10:07

Peace campaigners today carried out an audacious occupation at a top secret United States Navy nuclear command bunker to protest against the continuing occupation of Iraq on July 4th – US Independence Day.

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Genocidal or Great Britain?

04-07-2006 09:38

All God's children - small and great!

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Australian government escalates its military involvement in Iraq

04-07-2006 05:26

“Coalition of the Willing”
In other words, Labor differences with Howard are purely tactical. It believes that the “national interest”—that is, the interests of the Australian corporate establishment—would be better served by concentrating military activities in the region, where substantial oil, gas and other strategic interests are at stake.

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Palestine Today

03-07-2006 18:59

Palestine Today a service of the International Middle East Media centre, for Monday, July 3rd 2006

News from Gaza as the situation intensifies, Israeli Army invade Nablus and damages the fire station, dairy products factory headquarters, and local TV station, Army arrests three residents from Iskaka village, invades the West Bank cities of Jenin and Tulkarem

These stories and more coming up. Stay tuned

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Liverpool School Students Against War hold Picnic

03-07-2006 15:13

Liverpool School Students Against War are holding a peace picnic in the Peace Garden (behind St George's Hall and opposite the World Museum) on Saturday 8th July at 1pm.

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PHILIPPINES: Citizens' impeachment complaint against President Gloria Arroyo

03-07-2006 12:05

AKBAYAN (Citizens' Action Party) solons today formally endorsed the second impeachment complaint against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) as more citizens and groups filed their complaints against the president.

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US will retain overall command

03-07-2006 05:15

Afghanistan Killing
The present US-led offensive in southern Afghanistan demonstrates that Washington is determined to maintain its grip over the country, which occupies a crucial strategic position adjacent to resource-rich regions of the Middle East and Central Asia, as well as South Asia. While NATO troops from Britain, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia and several other countries are due to take over key operational tasks in Afghanistan, the US will retain overall command. Far from ending the opposition to the occupation, the build-up of troops and their repressive methods will only fuel greater popular resentment and hostility, which is rapidly transforming Afghanistan into another military quagmire.

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7/7 Bombings: "A Covenant of Security"

03-07-2006 03:46

...from The Independent:

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“The Afghan has war-fighting in his blood”

02-07-2006 21:08

Commander of UK forces in Afghanistan utters racist remark in radio interview

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Stop The War - Disrupt the Army @ Colchester 15-07-2006

02-07-2006 20:20

Colchester Goes To War
Calling all anti-war, anti-military, pro-peace, autonomous, green groups, and all others who wish to build a peaceful world. The British Army will be showing off its weapons of war on July 15th at the Colchester Military Festival and we plan to make a very loud pro-peace noise.

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meaningful death not a wasted life of degradation and torment.

02-07-2006 16:33

I have decided that today i will start my hunger strike as i think death is preferable to serving the pyramidal power structure and the machine that devours the world and enslaves all.

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Gaza: the Transparency of Naked Aggression

02-07-2006 09:24

How to Start a War
In spite of strict censorship, even blocking Reuters, a growing minority see proof that 9/11 was a cynical self-terror act to ignite a new war of civilizations for total world domination -- and share this insight as the only way to stop the war on Iraq and Iran.
Here we explore the parallels with the endless war on Palestine.

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Norman Finkelstein says... (by Latuff)

02-07-2006 02:14

Norman says...
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff, on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their struggle against U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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Israel's right of defense (by Latuff)

01-07-2006 18:18

Who will defend the Palestinians from Israel?
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff on behalf of brave Palestinian people and their resistance of U.S. backed Israeli terror.

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Another US atrocity in Iraq

01-07-2006 13:48

Soldiers under investigation for rape and murder

1 July 2006

A top US Army commander in Iraq has ordered an investigation into allegations of yet another atrocity committed by US soldiers in Iraq. The case involves a particularly gruesome and sadistic episode, in which an Iraqi woman was allegedly stalked, raped and murdered. Three other members of her family were killed, and the corpse of the violated woman was burned.

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Must the world stage mock explosions on day infants being burnt!

01-07-2006 07:20

The BBC's female news [cue] reader somberly read the lines saying that they had staged mock explosions to commemorate the 90 year old events at the battle of the Somme!

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pics from palestine solidarity demo at parliament square

01-07-2006 00:38

on friday early evening, just under 200 people supported the call from the palestinian solidarity campaign to hold a vigil in parliament square against israeli war crimes including the clear contravention of geneva guidelines in the bombing of a power plant in gaza.

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Is the West Experiencing its "Afghanistan"?

30-06-2006 21:55

Captive in its foreign policy loss of reality, the Soviet Union was provoked to invasion, suffered its "Vietnam," lost its respect in Islamic countries and endured a demoralization that led to the collapse of the Soviet Empire.

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Leeds Palestinian Film Nights 5th & 19th July

30-06-2006 14:10

Leeds PSC presents Arnas Children 7pm 5th July and Visit Palestine, 7pm 19th July at The Common Place, Wharf Street (off Kirkgate), Leeds City centre.