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meaningful death not a wasted life of degradation and torment.

anonymous | 02.07.2006 16:33 | Anti-militarism | Culture | Social Struggles | London

I have decided that today i will start my hunger strike as i think death is preferable to serving the pyramidal power structure and the machine that devours the world and enslaves all.

After 39 years of degradation and bullying by the system and being oppressed by the terror state that serves only the elite.I am now on hunger strike.death is preferable to this enforced lunacy and ridicule.
if there is no place for an anarchist society then there is no future worth having for mankind.The terror state which keeps us all in our place to serve the allpowerful is intent on destroying the world and torturing its slaves rather than let us have any freedom at all.Everyone is brainwashed and if not ridiculed in the hope that you will commit suicide.I see this action as the only useful thing i can do for this world.also i refuse to interact in anyway with the world.only to publicise my action.If anyone can help publicise this event I am very grateful.I do not want to be televised or my location to be known.
but my death will only be a statement about the brutality and clinical evil of the all powerful and the world they have created for us all. I also would like to know if indymedia will help to publicise this more widely
I am a nothing in this world and therefore am intentionally made inferior so anyone who canhelp to publicise or propogandise this event will be helping to make it clear exactly what this world is all about.
Good luck to all who are forced to take similar action.

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