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Gaza: the Transparency of Naked Aggression

John Leonard | 02.07.2006 09:24 | Anti-militarism

In spite of strict censorship, even blocking Reuters, a growing minority see proof that 9/11 was a cynical self-terror act to ignite a new war of civilizations for total world domination -- and share this insight as the only way to stop the war on Iraq and Iran.
Here we explore the parallels with the endless war on Palestine.

How to Start a War
How to Start a War

On instructions of an Israeli double agent, extremist Abul Abbas hijacked the cruise ship
Achille Lauro, brutally killing helpless Leon Klinghoffer. It was one of the all-time triumphs of Zionist
agitprop against the Palestinians. Source: The War on Freedom, p. 367.

WHAT IF the recent kidnapping of the Israeli soldier and settler were an Israeli false-flag operation?

There is a sense in which it doesn't matter; the brutality of the collective punishment of Gaza has
shocked the world regardless. Yet the war party have worked out that spontaneous protests are never
enough. Peace will not have a chance, until people of good will see through the tactics of fake
The Israelis sacrifice a pawn or two to militants, then issue themselves carte blanche to kill and destroy
as much as they want in Gaza and the West Bank.
The kidnapping is so convenient and ready-made for the goals of ongoing Zionist aggression, that it
is hard to believe it wasn't made to order. I'm not into long-shot coincidence theories.
On the other hand, the odds of the establishment peace mouthpieces subscribing to my "conspiracy theory"
may seem as long as the odds of thousands of Palestinian prisoners to a single Israeli one.
Four years ago, in The War on Freedom, I wrote:
"Hamas, a major detonator of violence, was financed by Israel as a counterweight to the PLO."
"Undercover action by Oriental Jews posing as Arabs was a standby of early Zionist tactics. Spies do more than observe and report;
they can also infiltrate an enemy organization as provocateurs to instigate actions that backfire on it.
Any observer of the Mideast crisis will note how regularly and severely the Palestinians seem to hurt
their own cause with ill-considered attacks." [In The War on Freedom, p. 365, citing the
"Arab Platoon of the Palmach... the elite strike force of the Haganah" in "Early Operations of
Israeli Intelligence," The Department for Jewish Zionist Education.]

I then pointed out that while it can be difficult to distinguish dupes from double agents -- bin Laden
is an example -- their effect is the same. "In a terror organization, the ready-to-die cannon fodder are only
the bottom level. They have handlers, or operators; these have managers, who select the targets. Once
the organization is infiltrated, it is easy enough to taint their ideas and influence them in the wrong,
outrageous direction."
Often enough we do see evidence that an atrocity is directly instigated by the synthetic terror tacticians
of the world powers, as with the recent "sting" in Toronto, where the Mounties delivered the
"explosives" to the patsies themselves. Since Israeli covert operations have completely infiltrated and
dominated Palestine for generations, their hand is generally better hidden nowadays, but the synthetic
terror intent and program are indisputable nonetheless.
The intense infiltration was corroborated by a Christian Science Monitor reporter who noted in "How
Israel builds its fifth column" ( that Palestinian society is
absolutely riddled with Israeli informers and collaborators.
Any population will have a few hotheads. Synthetic terrorism is the perverted military intelligence
technique that recruits or even creates the necessary fall guys and then capitalizes on them. But any
Palestinians crazy enough to invite an overwhelming asymmetrical response do not represent Palestine.

The Old Testament commandment, An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, is actually a teaching of
moderation: "Thou shalt not escalate." The Zionist commandment is just the reverse, same as the Nazi
and the American fascist-racist rule: "Our lives are worth more than theirs. If a partisan shoots one of
our soldiers, we will decimate the whole village."
The astronomical disproportion of the vengeance wreaked on the innocents of Gaza has rocked the
world in protest. Yet the US media spin machine still manages to place the blame on the Palestinians, at
least for domestic brainwashed minds.
Trying to get "Keep-it-simple, Stupid!" Americans to understand the paradox of killing your own pawns to
win the whole game has seemed like an even greater challenge -- they don't even play chess.
At least, until 9/11, that is. Now the Strangeloves who hijacked our government sacrificed 3,000 mostly
American citizens in a huge false-flag operation. That strikes a lot closer to home than the
sadism of the Zionists half a world away.
At the huge conferences on "9/11 Truth" in Chicago and Los Angeles this past month, Webster G.
Tarpley pounded away at his headline message: the only way to stop nuclear war on Iran is to expose
the truth about 9/11. He is author of the definitive
9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA,
and his resolution,
"9/11 Truth --
The Key to Stopping World War III" was acclaimed by voice
vote of the Chicago conference. See highlights below of this and of the
Reuters report
on the Los Angeles meet, which has been censored in the US-UK.
If Main Street America were to come to us, see our cast-iron proofs and realize that 9/11 was a fraud,
an inside job from start to finish, that would jam the terror panic button which is all the neocon fascists
have to enslave us. The word of the day would not be impeach, but lynch!
But not only the right-wing corporate-owned media are blocking. At the LA conference, film producer
Barrie Zwicker, a disillusioned fan, gave a presentation on "The Shame of Noam Chomsky."
Disinformation agents like this MIT prof whine the sick argument that Islamic terrorism is only to be
expected the way "we" exploit them. That only makes Bush's base see red.
The pseudo-leftists will never let on that the terrorists are working for US-UK-Israeli military
intelligence. The professed pacifist leaders are fakes, sell-outs, phonies. You can tell because they do
not pick up the only weapon we have to stop the Blitzkrieg, 9/11 Truth.
Are not the Palestine sympathizers, Arab or not, who will not look at Israel's synthetic terror tool then
just as feckless?
Four years since I published
The War on Freedom, the first book in English exposing 9/11.
I took great pains there to draw the parallels with the Zionist aggression game (with examples
like the Lavon affair, the Achille Lauro, and Naeim Giladi -- see the section "The Pattern of
Provocation.") Almost 20,000 copies were sold. Yet the "9/11 Truth Movement" is no less Zionist
on the whole than the Great Zionist Entity itself, the USA.
Thousands of Americans now understand 9/11 was a false flag op. Why is no one talking or writing
about Zionist false-flag terror tactics -- like suicide bombings by confused patsies -- as the
instrument of repression of the Palestinians? How long must they suffer?
I'm not talking about the few on the fringe who want to blame the Jews for everything. Israel is not
even a country, it's the merest fraud, a branch agency of empire, in fact, a massive false-flag
operation, populated by patsies for British divide and conquer, inherited and paid for by
Americans who bought the Zionist doctrine in the bargain.
Since 9/11, the Israeli public has been panicked by suicide bombings and other symbolic but
ineffectual, totally counterproductive acts of terror, and has been sold on a genocidal Final Solution --
which we can see being carried out, one step at a time.
It is incumbent on Americans, Britons and Jews to learn quickly to see through their governments' war
propaganda tricks, or they will go down like Hitler's Germany to enduring ignominy and defeat.
Indeed, in my books, the shame of the Anglo-American elite is already replete. I publish Tarpley and
Chaitkin's George Bush: The Unauthorized
Biography, in which the most explosive chapter, "The Hitler Project," details how the
Bushes and other Angloid financiers built up Hitler. My next book, Yeadon's The Nazi Hydra in America,
piles on the evidence. Historian Anthony Sutton showed how Wall Street also financed the
Bolsheviks and the butcher Stalin as a strategic decision in their pursuit of world hegemony.
The bloodbaths of the 20th century were no accidents, but planned by those who profited by
them -- the Anglo-American banksters and their patrons, the House of Windsor.
What fools people are to let them carry on their murderous game into a new century!
What a beautiful place the world could be, with real self-determination for the nations and
an end to power-mad meddling!
The neocon fascist Bush regime has everything prepared for a nuclear attack on Iran. Only the trigger,
the false-flag terror act which will be the pretext, remains to be seen. Only the facts about 9/11 can
awaken the people to look for the culprits in the White House, and not in Iran.
Bush retains 35% support among those who are so terrified by the Bin Laden fairy tale they will
approve everything, and this is enough to launch the new war.
The 9/11 Truth movement has now understood the bankruptcy of compromise theories -- "Let it
Happen on Purpose" -- which admit there may have been some real Arab hijackers as well as
government complicity, because that leaves intact the enemy image the war party needs.
The false-flag attack will probably come in the guise of an "anti-terror drill," and activists should do all
they can to monitor, publicize and shut down such drills.
The Vermont Green Party was the first in the nation to put 9/11 crimes at the top of its articles of
impeachment. This is the path to follow.
If the thousands of 9/11 activists would call in to a talk radio show once a week, we could win this
If martial law comes, we should call a general strike on the Spanish model of the protests which
recently brought down the fascist puppet Aznar.
Full text:
Reuters: 9/11 conspiracy theorists gather at LA conference
June 25, 2006 (summary).
1,200 people packed the "9/11 and the Neo-Con Agenda" conference of two days of seminars, video
presentations, and a panel discussion to be shown on C-Span.
"There are hundreds of smoking guns that people need to be made aware of," said organizer Alex
Jones, radio talk show host. He called for the impeachment of Bush and Cheney and charged the
mainstream media with a cover-up.
Prof. Steven Jones released further conclusive proofs that the steel structure of the WTC was sliced in
place by thermite before being exploded in a controlled demolition. Actor Charlie Sheen, DVD
producer Dylan Avery and Congressional candidate Lt. Col. Bob Bowman also put in appearances.
Webster Tarpley, author of "911 Synthetic Terror; Made in USA," said the Sept. 11 attacks were an
example of "state-sponsored, false-flag terrorism" designed by rogue CIA elements "to start the war of
civilizations." Tarpley said Washington was "gripped by war psychosis" and had used terror as a pretext
to turn the United States into a police state.
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