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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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25-01-2007 11:38

London ???r Ken Livingstone is reportedly attending a conference in Switzerland, givinbg a talk on 'climate change'

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General Strike against Iran being Nuked - can anything less prevent it?

25-01-2007 11:24


The warnings that the UK / US / Israel are planning on launching a war against Iran, possibly including the first use of nukes since 1945, are becoming more frequent.

Attached are two very good radio shows on this subject and some links for futher reading.

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Iran Must Get Ready to Repel a Nuclear Attack

25-01-2007 10:42

In the overall flow of information coming from the Middle East, there are increasingly frequent reports indicating that within several months from now the US will deliver nuclear strikes on Iran. For example, citing well-informed but undisclosed sources, the Kuwaiti Arab Times wrote that the US plans to launch a missile and bomb attack on the territory of Iran before the end of April, 2007. The campaign will start from the sea and will be supported by the Patriot missile defense systems in order to let the US forces avoid a ground operation and to reduce the efficiency of the return strike by “any Persian Gulf country”.

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In 4th State of the Union Since Invasion of Iraq

24-01-2007 23:49

Withdraw US troops from Iraq
Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters of California has sent a letter to every other member of the House urging them to participate in Saturday’s anti-war protest in Washington. She joins us to talk about her call and her resolution to withdraw US troops from Iraq.

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Col. Gardiner's Warning: Pieces in Place for Escalation

24-01-2007 18:12

Regional diplomacy must replace empire-bulding and sabre-rattling.
The strength of the law must replace the law of the stronger, the law of the clenched fist, the law of the jungle.

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New Report Challenges Blair’s Views on Iran

24-01-2007 18:05

This Friday, a report will be delivered to Number 10 Downing Street and to the news editors of all major media networks in Britain and the world, countering the some misconceptions that surround alleged threat posed by Iran.

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International Mobilization To Stop U.S. Attack on Iran

24-01-2007 17:18

Anyone, including those in Iranian political circles, who cherished the illusion that the Cheney-Bush cabal was not committed to a new war in Southwest Asia, has had to abandon such dreams in the wake of George W. Bush’s Jan. 10 speech on his “new” policy for Iraq. The so-called “surge” in troop strength for Iraq which Bush announced, was recognized, correctly, by all in the region, as a commitment to open a new war front, this time against Iran or Syria. This analysis, which EIR had been circulating for weeks, including during a visit to Tehran in late November-early December, was finally embraced as the correct reading.

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SOCPA - barbara tucker arrested

24-01-2007 13:38

barbara with her genocide banner
barbara tucker, the stoic peace campaigner facing endless harrassment from charing cross police for doing no more than peacefully demonstrating near parliament and downing street, was arrested again this morning in parliament square. worried supporters and her solicitor are trying to get her out of police hands as there are grave fears for her safety.

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Vote Brian Haw in Channel 4 Poll

24-01-2007 11:53

Look at the weather today, Brian is still at his post, vote now in Channel 4 Poll!

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Local MP George Galloway makes rash comment on BBC News 24!

24-01-2007 05:48

The only thing that the world at large has been made aware of about the contribution to politics made by George Galloway is his widely reported stand on Iraq. The second thing, internationally, is that he has almost without exception been described as being not only biased in favour of Muslims but as being excessively biased in favour of Muslims. How valid is that perception as based and tested on the evidence of Galloway’s conduct and comments?

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Community investigate gang violence media release timing?

24-01-2007 02:11

Under New Managment
But it was released on You Tube on 25 November 2006, but it can wait to be released by the Mess Media, save for the eve of Invasion Day 2007 right? Well thank your lucky stars?

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from the archives: The “Great Kurdistan” threat

23-01-2007 23:57

Kurdish region in Iraq
The map of the new State as submitted last July to the "National Assembly" comprises territories over which the Kurds cannot have any claim…but which are oil-soaked. No doubt that such a "Great Kurdistan" if unilaterally founded would generate a string of conflicts which will destabilize the whole of the Middle East. Nobody save the United States and Israel has nothing to gain, least of all, the Kurds.

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Iranian Jews Dismiss Outside Calls to Emigrate

23-01-2007 22:13

A campaign to convince Iran's 25,000 Jews to flee the country has stalled, with most opting to stay in their native homeland.

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anti war at tate britain

23-01-2007 19:16

brian haw / mark wallinger's anti war exibition

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Vicenza, thousands march against the enlargement of the US base

23-01-2007 18:16

Vicenza, Italy: thousands march against the enlargement of the US base after the big demo of 2th dec with 30.000 people and after the P:M: Prodi said YES to the projcet of the new base. The day before 7-8.000 marched in the night agaisntthe base.

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Reports of Unnanounced Anonymous Action at EDO

23-01-2007 17:48

EDO MBM are Brighton's very own arms delers, see

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Outlaw UK's Uranium Munitions - Public Lobby

23-01-2007 17:25

Please help support the Campaign Against Depleted Uranium's lobby of parliament on February 7th 2007. Lobby packs are available from and all are welcome at the public meeting in the evening.

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Selected Articles on the Proposed US-Israeli Nuclear War on Iran

23-01-2007 09:59

“We bring to the attention of our readers a selection of Global Research articles, which document various aspects of US-Israeli war preparations. It is essential that this information reaches the broader public. We invite our subscribers and readers to distribute and forward these articles far and wide.”

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aldermaston shut down

23-01-2007 09:43

A group of eight activists from Scotland blockaded the entrance to AWE Aldermaston this morning at 6.45am.

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Corporate Control of the Media

23-01-2007 08:54

If You Are Concerned
Sen. Bernie Sanders: If You Are Concerned About Health Care, Iraq, the Economy, Global Warming You Must Be Concerned About Corporate Control of the Media