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anti war at tate britain

that bald bloke | 23.01.2007 19:16 | Anti-militarism

brian haw / mark wallinger's anti war exibition

ome may view this exhibition as a slap in the face for the establishment. It may be the most politically significant art piece ever shown in a British art gallery?

Many people have had enough of a British foriegn policy which lamely follows the US. Many British people are frightened of what the next level of escalation may be. I have heard many people saying that they will not be going home after next Stop the War march, and that they plan to stay on the streets for a non violent blockade of London, until changes are made.

that bald bloke

that bald bloke


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  1. british foreign policy is not lame - it is very violent and very callous — antiwar and antioccupation