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Community investigate gang violence media release timing?

Not your ABC | 24.01.2007 02:11 | Anti-militarism | Repression | World

But it was released on You Tube on 25 November 2006, but it can wait to be released by the Mess Media, save for the eve of Invasion Day 2007 right? Well thank your lucky stars?

Under New Managment
Under New Managment

Blood On His Hands
Blood On His Hands

What A Dilemma
What A Dilemma

The Law
The Law

Ultra Nationalists
Ultra Nationalists

Letha Memes
Letha Memes

Police to investigate gang violence video on eve of Invasion Day?

New South Wales Police Minister John Watkins says police will review an Internet video which glorifies gang rapist Bilal Skaf and the Cronulla revenge attacks.

[On the eve of Australian Invasion-Sovereignty Day but that was just a coincidence right? Nah!]

The video was posted on the YouTube website and [allegedly] appears to have been made by students from a high school in Sydney's west. [ABC]

[But it was released on You Tube on 25 November 2006, but it can wait to be released by the Mess Media, save for the eve of Invasion Day 2007 right? Well thank your lucky stars?]

Mr Watkins says police will take action if any criminal activity is identified.

"The law's in place, the police will look at these videos to consider whether or not any further action should be taken," he said.

"What's alleged in this video - and I haven't seen all the details of it - is very offensive to all fine-thinking Australian people.

"The school is investigating it further, so too will the police."

The Education Department is also investigation but says it has been unable to watch the video because the YouTube site is blocked on its computers.

The New South Wales Opposition wants to know if there has been a breach of racial vilification laws.

"Racial vilification is an offence in New South Wales under the Racial Vilification Act, as is the distribution of unclassified videos and the vilification of any racial group is wrong," Shadow Attorney-General Chris Hartcher said.

"It was, of course, the vilification of Anglo-Australians that led to the Cronulla incident last year."

[But of course it was not only Anglo-Australian vilification it was also Islamophobic vilification. A clash of cultures so to speak and beat up by the Ultra Nationalists and mass media. So why give the impression it was only a one-sided story?]

[What about Alan Jones and the mess media who incited the race riot and the violence at Cronulla Beach? And it was more like the opposite way around according to the evidence and police report i.e. Islamophobic, incited by the Mess Media. So why is the NSW opposition only giving you all a one sided impression here? Great electoral candidates I must say? Certainly not Ultra Nationalists either?]

[Read for yourself]

Australia: Police report reveals real instigators of Cronulla race riots--Part 3
[2 December 2006]

An examination of Assistant Police Commissioner Hazzard’s report raises a number of questions about the police response to the race riots—both on the day, and in the broader political arena.

See Also:
Australia: Police report reveals real instigators of Cronulla race riots--Part 2
[1 December 2006]
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The class issues behind Australia's race riots
[22 December 2005]

Australia: one year after the Cronulla riots, racialist provocations continue

In this light, the anniversary was marked by one particularly significant event. On December 11, 2006, exactly one year to the day after the Cronulla riots, Howard announced the introduction of a new citizenship test.

[Disparity of the law]

[What about the dilemma of War Criminal John Howard and Alan Jones and the like who were complicit and who incited the Cronulla race riots not being investigated or charged with racial vilification breaches?]

Education Department spokesman Tom Urry says when school returns, teachers will be asked whether any of the people appearing in the video are current students.

"Anything that brings our public schools into disrepute is concerning to us and that's why we're taking this very seriously," he said.

"We have a zero tolerance approach to this matter and we've given principals increased power to deal with what might be described as anti-social behaviour, but we first need to identify whether the people in the video are in fact our current students."



You Tube gardening for harmony

Sydney news is running today with another symptom of the NSW election White Supremacism dry run for the Howard re election agenda: You Tube hate video's of varying degree. Here is a nice peace loving response there, which sort of befuddles the hate and anger mongering.

Howard's Legacy, Australian Flag Causes 'Tension'

The concert's organisers say they are not banning or intending disrespect to the flag, but are discouraging its use at the Big Day Out because of recent incidents where the flag has been part of tensions.

Big Day Out - No Aussie flag 'Ban'

January 22, 2007 Big Day Out says it hasn't banned Australian flag - Right wing aussie patriots are frothing at the mouth with the news that the Big Day Out are "discouraging" flag-wavers at the Sydney show...

Corporate Control of the Media

Sen. Bernie Sanders: If You Are Concerned About Health Care, Iraq, the Economy, Global Warming You Must Be Concerned About Corporate Control of the Media

Bill Moyers: "Big Media is Ravenous

Bill Moyers: "Big Media is Ravenous. It Never Gets Enough. Always Wants More. And it Will Stop at Nothing to Get It. These Conglomerates are an Empire, and they are Imperial."

For an international mobilization of workers and youth against the war in Iraq

Statement of the World Socialist Web Site and the International Committee of the Fourth International 22 January 2007

Cronulla race riot

The lifesavers asked for it!
The Mainscream Media asked for it!
The Police asked for it!
Then the community decided it was ok to be racist!


Race Riot Nationalists spread to third Sydney suburb

The latest violence comes after a racially motivated pro-government right wing Nationalist media taking John HoWARd's lead, ended up in a riot at Cronulla Beach which saw several people of Middle Eastern appearance attacked. Shame HoWARd....Shame on you!


Thugs ruled the streets, and the mob sang Waltzing Matilda

Sometimes when a victim was cornered, the mob started singing Waltzing Matilda. Advance Australia Fair was similarly employed against obstructing police, and the usually good-natured "Aussie Aussie Aussie" chant in the mouths of the Cronulla crew assumed a menacing tone.


International Human Rights Day

One of the events for International Human Rights Day in Melbourne was a rally outside the State Library attended by about 100 people on Saturday December 10. Issues canvassed by speakers included opposition to mandatory detention of asylum seekers, treatment of indigenous Australians, opposition to the "anti-terror" laws, and scapegoating of the muslim community.


Australia: More race hate from the political and mass media establishment

Big media switches over to super race hate campaigns again no doubt to cover up for John Howard, while he gets a buzz in Broome WA on holidays? Or is this what we're going to get until their big media and political establishment can once again shrug off their responsibilities and complicity in their wide spread lies and hate at home and their killing in Iraq, which includes torture, and rendition. Once again this is about what someone is alleged to have said, all ears open. But what about corruption who's going to deal with that? Hey Howard? What about you Dud? No not big media! If it's left up to big media all we're going to get is islamophobia because it suits them, is divisive and is a great way to cover-up for their lack of responsibility. Thanks!

Islamophobic Australians attack peaceful Aussie mufti

January 15, 2007 - Aussie mufti Sheik Taj al-Din Hilali's recent comments during an Egyptian TV interview have triggered more Islamaphobic outrage in Australia, with a number of politicians, including Federal Immigration Minister Senator Amanda Vanstone, laughing him off as an "irrelevance" or demanding he "stay in his native Egypt if did not like Australia."

Sheik's comments spur calls to Immigration Dept?

Now it's alleged that the Sheik Taj el-Din Al Hilali comments spurred calls to the Immigration Department? What was the point of the pr exercise if people weren't going to call her? Why does she distance herself from her government and political media establishment's xenophobic pr campaigns?

Christians United for Israel: New Christian Zionism Lobby Hopes to Rival AIPAC

We take a look at a new recently established group called Christians United for Israel - an evangelical organization that believes supporting expansionist policies of the Israeli government is: "a biblical imperative." We speak with investigative journalist Max Blumenthal who reports they lobbied the Bush administration to adopt a confrontational posture toward Iran, refuse aid to the Palestinians and give Israel a free hand in its attack on Lebanon.

Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land: Documentary Examines US

Media Coverage of the Israeli Palestinian Conflict

How has the US media covered the conflict in the Middle East? We play an excerpt of the documentary “Peace Propaganda and the Promised Land: U.S. Media & the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.” The film was directed by Bathsheba Ratzkoff and Sut Jhally of the Media Education Foundation.

Lethal Notions of Capitalism [282]

Wealth creation and economic prosperity are, under capitalism, based on principles of competition and survival of the fittest. The phenomenon of capitalism, which is scarcely two hundred years old, it is grounded in these dominant ideas. The notions are not strictly memes, because they are not ingrained in all members of the society, but they are potentially lethal. Not only can corporations fail because they can't adapt to discontinuous change and economic abundance; whole nations can be impoverished unnecessarily and societies can wither and die of anger, recriminations and blame for corporate and other institutional misdeeds and collapses.

Happy everyone's day! Hey ABC?

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