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Local MP George Galloway makes rash comment on BBC News 24!

AADHIKARonline reporting from Bethnal Green and Bow | 24.01.2007 05:48 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | London | World

The only thing that the world at large has been made aware of about the contribution to politics made by George Galloway is his widely reported stand on Iraq. The second thing, internationally, is that he has almost without exception been described as being not only biased in favour of Muslims but as being excessively biased in favour of Muslims. How valid is that perception as based and tested on the evidence of Galloway’s conduct and comments?

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Aadhikaronline The 1st Edition at 0530 Hrs GMT London Wednesday 24 January 2007
Breaking news at 0530 GMT Wednesday 24 January 2007East London [Bethnal Green and Bow] Member of British Parliament, George Galloway, says on BBC News 24 'Muslims hate' his 'Respect' 'party'! Galloway said this in the last sentence of the programme 'Hardtalk' as broadcast at 0455 GMT today, |Wednesday 24 January 2007. Interviewed by Stephen Sackur, one of the BBC's 'former' Washington correspondents, who by that description, is a 'journalist' with no record of independent practice free from the White House Pentagon Neo Con line on the world that is battered by that axis.. Galloway was asked in the last part of the interview to explain some of the rash comments and stamens that eh had made in the recent past. Galloway’s answer contained detailed list of justifications form his standpoint. He denied that he ever made the most quoted remark about Saddam Hussein. He claimed that it was a comment he had made about the 'Iraqi people'. Then he was asked about his 'RESPECT' 'party' which was said to be full of 'Muslim' 'extremists'. Galloway included the words extremists and Muslim in the first part of his reply but failed to do so in the final part as broadcast. He made a negative reference to Muslims and Blair in the same last sentence as broadcast! Without further clarification, that remark is bound to be treated as a remark that shows that Galloway is hostile to Muslims generally. A view that will be examined in the forthcoming commentaries to be published by AADHIKARonline in the near future

AADHIKARonline reporting from Bethnal Green and Bow
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