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UK Anti-militarism Newswire Archive

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European CDE Peace Treaty Will be Null and Void next Tuesday

04-12-2007 12:50

By "exceptional circumstances" does Vladimir Putin mean 9/11 was an inside job? Cheyne and Co. have pushed the world to the brink again through one of the most audacious, or cruel crimes in history.

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A People’s Campaign to Defund the War: 2008 War Tax Boycott

04-12-2007 00:20

Over the past year, peace activists have voted, lobbied, marched, and taken direct action to end the war in Iraq. Courageous soldiers have refused to fight the war. But Congress has appropriated billions of dollars to continue the war and appears ready to authorize a future military attack on Iran. It’s time for taxpayers who oppose this war to join together in nonviolent civil disobedience and show Congress how to cut off the funds for this war and redirect resources to the pressing needs of people.

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Total Out of Burma, Brighton Action

03-12-2007 18:19

As part of the November 24th day of action against Total Oil's involvement in the Burmese Junta, 15 Brighton based students and residents descend on the Total Oil garage in Kemp Town.

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Trial of DSEi arms fair protester - case thrown out

03-12-2007 18:15

The case of pensioner Gwyn Gwyntopher, who was being maliciously prosecuted for alleged 'trespass' at Custom House DLR station during the DSEi arms fair in September, was today thrown out of court by magistrates in east London on a legal technicality.

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Aldermaston - "next generation" alert

03-12-2007 15:10

Latest tng-alert (DEC 2007). The Ministry of Defence have lodged a planning application to build a High Explosives Fabrication Facility at the nuclear bomb factory. Immediate written objections and ongoing action required. Plus brief news on the peace camp, November blockade, etc. Get involved :)

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'Bad Karaoke' outside Brighton Town Hall to protest against Council Byelaws

03-12-2007 09:31

FREEDOM TO PROTEST CALL TO ACTION - Thursday 6th - 'Bad Karaoke' outside Brighton Town Hall to protest Council Byelaws being used against Legitimate protest

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Ten Reasons to Suspect "Save Darfur" is a PR Scam to Justify US Military Interve

02-12-2007 22:54

The star-studded hue and cry to "Save Darfur" and "stop the genocide" has gained enormous traction in U.S. media along with bipartisan support in Congress and the White House. But the Congo, with ten to twenty times as many African dead over the same period is not called a "genocide" and passes almost unnoticed. Sudan sits atop lakes of oil. It has large supplies of uranium, and other minerals, significant water resources, and a strategic location near still more African oil and resources. The unasked question is whether the nation's Republican and Democratic foreign policy elite are using claims of genocide, and appeals for "humanitarian intervention" to grease the way for the next oil and resource wars on the African continent.

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Chavez Policy a Threat to US Imperialism.

02-12-2007 18:30

The Dollar has been the pillar of the USA´s financial Imperial age, and has enabled them to build the most powerful military force in history. This hugely powerful military machine has been steadily spread around the world promoting US financial domination for more than half a century. However, the Democratic Republic Of Venezuela has already had a significant impact on reversing the malign effects of the foreign policy of it and its allies, by promoting liberation from financial oppression.

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The AlTurnertive Turner Prize 07

02-12-2007 17:08

Merseyside Stop The War Coalition presents ..

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Photos and short report of World against War conference

02-12-2007 15:12

Some notes and 20 photos from the World against War conference in London on Saturday 1st December 2007.

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Brian Haw - 6 and a half years not out!

02-12-2007 14:48

Short piece with 4 photos of Brian's continuing demonstration.

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U.S-Instigated War Brings Mass Death to Somalia

01-12-2007 23:37

The United States remains, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world," through its own wars of aggression and by fomenting and manipulating conflicts that kill millions. It is also the most cynical power on the planet, crying crocodile tears over the carnage in Darfur (in which the U.S. is complicit) while simultaneously unleashing wholesale death in Somalia. Half a million Africans face starvation and disease as a direct result of U.S. instigation of the Ethiopian invasion of Somalia - an extension of Bush's "war on terror" and the underlying quest for Africa's wealth. United Nations officials now describe Somalia as the worst humanitarian crisis on the continent - more dire than Darfur.

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Bowing to Israeli Pressure, US Withdraws Mideast Resolution at UN

01-12-2007 15:05

ALERT: Annapolis a Charade: Olmert Plotting Massive Aggression

In Germany, according to historian Richard Evans, in 1931-1932, if enough Germans of conscience had begun to say No -- history would have had an entirely diferent outcome.

If we go any further down this road the tears will be those of conservatives as well as progressives. They will be (Israeli) tears.

The time for weeping has to stop; the time for confronting must begin.

Adapted from "American Tears"

The timing is interesting, given the "Annapolis Conference", which serves to be about PR alone, as Olmert has already ruled out any Negotiations or Compromise in the name of peace.

If you follow the events surrounding Israel's "Disengagement" from Gaza, you will quickly understand that this was the plan all along. While Israel was making a public spectacle of "forcing Jews to leave their homes", it was quietly surrounding the Strip with artillery emplacements, in an operation ominously named "First Rain".

Under this operation, Gaza basically became a "Free-Fire Zone", and several artillery and gunship strikes killed a high number of civilians. Finally, when one of these batteries fired upon and murdered a Palestinian family - picnicking on a beach that had been Segregated "Jews Only" only weeks before, Hamas finally decided to call an end to its unilateral, two-year cease-fire.

(In essence, they took Israel's bait. After all, you can't excuse your Aggression and label it "defense" if you're not being intermittently attacked. Never mind the hypocrisy underlying the entire media's framing of that whole debate ...)

When the Palestinians responded by electing Hamas to power (yes, elected), Israeli Extremists and their Ideological, bought foreign co-conspirators imposed unilateral sanctions on Gaza, a bit of Collective Punishment which increased the hardship of those stuck in the world's largest Concentration Camp.

When they felt Gaza had been substantially weakened, the US and Israel undertook a Coup attempt, using corrupt elements within the Fatah Party, provoking a violent response by Hamas, which expelled the group. Most of the world's media ignored the events leading to this "crisis", and instead only repeated the Propaganda emanating from the US and Israel, which used this to further increase sanctions against Gaza.

Most recently, Israel stepped up its Collective Punishment, except that human rights groups and legal advisors to the Government halted some of its approved measures, because they run contrary to International Humanitarian Law.

This was sold as another "response to rocket attacks" (again highlighting the hypocrisy of the debate's Framing - are the Palestinians allowed to defend themselves from strikes which actually KILL people ... ?), even though high-ranking officials said that this was NOT, in fact, a response to these attacks, but a way to "distance Israel from Gaza's infrastructure".

The real reason for this whole episode, of course, has been to "soften up" the Gaza Strip for a long-planned military attack, a way to undermine the resolve, and hopefully rid this territory of Palestinians altogether.

Olmert signalled long ago that he would not entertain any serious discussions at this summit, essentially selling out the Israeli public's desire for peace.

Now, Israel appears to be preparing to issue the usual 'justifications' for an Act of Aggression they planned long ago, by calling it a response to violence their own behaviour has provoked. The media's silence on these issues in past months signals their readiness to help in this regard.

Seeing the pattern yet?

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Arrest at Nottingham Uni over Palestine Protest

01-12-2007 09:31

Wall goes up
Yesterday, a protest occurred outside the Hallward Library on the University Park Campus, to raise awareness about the Israeli West Bank barrier, aka 'the wall'.

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Depleted-Uranium, Nuclear War and the politics of Radiation: Read and act NOW

01-12-2007 04:44

For Indymedia readers, friends and comrades in struggle worldwide against war, militarism, colonialism and nuclear industry: a brief review about “Depleted” Uranium, nuclear war and radioactive genocide-ecocide

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Richard Perle Grooming Future Ahmad Chalabis For Syria And Iran

01-12-2007 01:03

Prior to the Iraq war, “Perle used his Pentagon position to lobby both for war and for turning postwar power in Iraq over to Ahmad Chalabi, the long-time Iraqi exile.”

Now he’s at it again, lending his political assistance to exiled regime change advocates from Syria and Iran.

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"A Crude War Of Revenge" -- Tariq Ali on Afghanistan

30-11-2007 22:26

The United States is on its way to losing the war in Afghanistan. The eventual defeat will be political not military. Public sentiment is shifting in Europe. The people have had enough. They want to get out. When European troops withdrawal from Afghanistan; NATO will gradually unravel and the Transatlantic Alliance will collapse. That will be a disaster for America. The US will again be isolated by two great oceans. But not by choice. America's days as an empire will be over.

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Paint Attack at EDO MBM - Fishersgate

30-11-2007 13:54

Paint and bricks thrown onto walls and security cameras at EDO MBM, Fishersgate.

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Pacifist on trial: DSEi protest planned on Monday (3rd Dec) in east London

30-11-2007 03:35

A female pacifist pensioner is facing a malicious prosecution for 'trespass at Custom House Docklands Light Railway station' during the DSEi arms fair in September. Her trial concludes on Monday 3rd December, from 9.45 am at Stratford Magistrates' Court in east London (tube: Stratford - jubilee line). There will be a protest with music outside the courthouse.

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Distorting Fascism to Demonize Iran

30-11-2007 00:31

In their frantic drive to pave the way for a military strike against Iran, leading figures in the neoconservative pro-Israel lobby have embarked on a vicious campaign of demonizing that country by comparing it with the early years of Nazi Germany and its President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, with Hitler.