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Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: Latest News

Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: Calender Of Upcoming Events At The Hague. | 17.02.2004 14:17 | Anti-militarism | World in a Week
from the Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign
February 15, 2004

The Hague

Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign Leads National and International Mobilization and Activities!

In this, the latest addition to our Campaign web site, "The Hague" section brings together resources from the StopTheWall website related to International Law, and the upcoming hearing at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) at The Hague. This section provides activist resources, Campaign statements and press releases, analysis, and information for the media.

The Campaign, along with Dutch Solidarity Groups are organizing a number of activities in The Hague between February 21st and 25th. Click to see the Calender of Events in The Hague.

In our Analysis & Features section we bring together articles from throughout the Campaign website including, "The Case Against the Barrier" by Shawqi Issa, Legal Consultant to PENGON, which looks at Israel's blatant and longstanding violations of International Law. Read this article in our Analysis/Features page.

Click to see the full section, The Hague.

Wall News

On February 12, 2004, the Occupation Administration officer headed towards the isolated house -Abu Shareb's family- behind the wall in Jayyus village. The Occupation officer is there, for the third time at least, to order the family out of their home in yet another attempt to expel the family from their lands. Threatening that they are going to put barbed wires all around the house, the Occupation Forces would leave the family with only a narrow passage, which will also be surrounded by barbed wire. Click here to read more.

On Sunday, February 8, the Occupation bulldozers began clearing the way for the Wall's path in the village of Beit Ur Fouqa, located in the western Ramallah District. Confrontations between the people of the village and the Occupation Forces started when the Occupation Forces placed their construction gear and machinery on the village's road in order to begin the Wall's foundation. Read more about Beit Ur Fouqa.

Worldwide Activism

The Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign photo exhibit in Amman, hosted at the Darat al-Funun-Khalid Shoman Foundation, has been open for nearly a week and generated increased awareness to the accelerating devastation in Palestine from the Wall. The exhibit, arranged with mock walls, sniper-towers, and photos, has further sparked greater momentum in Jordan for supporting Palestinian popular resistance to the Wall. On the Amman photo exhibit.

New Site Addition... Arabic Resources Available!

You can now download the second Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign "Nashra", in Arabic. This issue of the Nashra provides a comprehensive briefing on the current situation facing Palestinian communities living both in areas where construction of the Apartheid Wall has been "completed", as well as those areas currently threatened with expulsion, as work on the Wall continues at an ever-increasing pace. Arabic Nashra.

The Wall in Palestine: Facts, Testimonies, Analysis and Call to Action, in Arabic can now be downloaded in PDF format. Edited by The Palestinian Environmental NGOs Network (PENGON), the book is an impressive mix of detailed report, photo journal, activist resource guide, and an anthology. Contributors to the publication include the PENGON member organizations and the Wall Campaign Emergency Centers. Read the book.

Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign: Calender Of Upcoming Events At The Hague.
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