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Were you Section 44 searched at DSEi?

a concerned person | 15.10.2003 17:06 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Repression

Liberty's High Court Case about Section 44 searches took place on 2-3 October 2003. Liberty is still calling for submission of S. 44 search receipts from activists who were searched at DSEi or other London demonstrations.

On October 2nd-3rd the DSEi High Court judicial review was heard. Thanks to all the people who sent in their s. 44 search forms, there were plenty of examples for Liberty to show to the High Court judges (there were 2 judges for this one). A few things came out in the hearing- apparently someone was s44 searched outside of St Paul's in March 2003. Also, the Met has confirmed that they have had a rolling authorization of Section 44 powers since FEBRUARY 2001! Anyway, if anyone hasn't yet sent in their S44 police search record(s) from DSEi to Liberty, please still do so- if Liberty doesn't win this case, they will appeal it, and will then need as many search records as possible.

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For info about the case, visit Liberty's website.

Also, visit the Unofficial Website that is hosted by the Fairford Coach Action site.

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