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Corporate Media - inside the arms fair

gdm | 10.09.2003 09:03 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | London

Corporate and mainstream media reports from INSIDE the arms fair

High aims ... trying a gun for size (from the Sun)
High aims ... trying a gun for size (from the Sun)

Guardian:,10674,1039088,00.html - "Welcome: this way for cluster bombs",10674,1038869,00.html - "Specialist's case for the defence",10674,1038834,00.html - "Arms and the men in suits, selling bombs, guns - and euphemisms"

BBC News: - "Shopping around for weapons"

DeadBrain: - "Visitors criticise lack of rides at arms fair"

Times:,,2-810761,00.html - "Generals meet no opposition as police swamp arms fair protesters"

The Sun:,,2-2003420583,00.html - "Ideal Arms Exhibition" (see picture)

FeMail: - "Plane missile protection devices on show"

SpaceWar: - "International arms show opens in London amid protests"



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