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NoNewNukes | 04.03.2006 06:48 | Anti-militarism | South Coast


Monday March 13

Following West Berkshire Eastern Area Planning Committe's decision on Wednesday 26 January 2006 not to object to the building of the Orion laser facility at AWE Aldermaston, Block the Builders are carrying out their promise to attempt to obstruct the physical construction by all nonviolent means.

Local, non-AWE traffic, avoid the A340 and other roads immediately around the base and seek an alternative route (the same as you would for a football match/village fete, etc). AWE traffic - call in sick, or, on a more worthy note, examine your consciences and choose a less destructive occupation/contract.

Block the Builders will go ahead with regular, monthly, NONVIOLENT BLOCKADE of AWE Aldermaston, for the next few months. The next date is Monday 13 March - and we need all of you to join us!

Please meet up on Sunday evening, 12 March, 18.00 at Friends Meeting House in Newbury (map: ) for a meal, a meeting and some planning of the action on Monday morning. Bring a sleeping bag and a mattress, or if you want somewhere more comfy then get in touch with Chris Gwyntopher,, who will provide you with more information about where you can stay and how to get there.

As ever, if you want to head straight off to Aldermaston on Monday morning that is fine too - you will know where we are when you are stuck in the traffic and see a sea of yellow jackets being busy somewhere down the line.

For more info please contact BtB,, mobile tel 07969 739 812.

* * * Come and link arms with us on Monday - your arms are all the arms we need!!! * *

If you know now that you would be able to join the blocakde, please drop us a quick line to let us know - and also whether you need accommodating the night before. This will assist with ensuring adequate support for the blockade (transport, sleeping, food, legal observers etc). Thankyou. or mobile tel 07969 739 812.