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Faslane protest - Stop Britain's Nuclear Weapons! coaches from London, Oxford an

Youth & Student CND | 17.08.2004 14:26 | Anti-militarism | London

Book your place on the coach from London, Oxford or Birmingham to the blockade at the Clyde Naval Base, Faslane, where Britain's nuclear warheads are stored.

Youth & Student CND have organised a coach to the Faslane blockade to leave pm 22nd August (Sunday!!!). It will return for Tuesday morning. Tickets for the coach are available for £35 (£25 concessions). Please contact, or tel. 0796 7392229 to book a place.

The mass blockade of Faslane Naval Base at Garelock, Dumbartonshire, Scotland takes place on Monday 23rd August.
Faslane Naval Base is home to 4 trident nuclear submarines, one of which is on patrol 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. On board are 16 nuclear armed missiles each with a range of 7,400km. Each missile contains 3 warheads, each warhead being 7 times more powerful than the ‘little boy’ atom bomb dropped on Hiroshima. The trident system costs the tax payer £1.5 billion per annum, and the cost of just one submarine would fund 50,000 extra teachers each year.

The Faslane Peace Camp began in 1982 and was intended to last for just 2 weeks, but eventually became the permanent base for Direct Actions Protests against nuclear presence. The peace camp had a great advantage, as local and regional councils supported the camp and eventually Faslane gained indefinite planning permission.

The mass blockade is set to begin on 23rd August, including mass break-ins and swimming actions. You are also urged simply to come and show your support.

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