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Anarchist Against the Wall, Lebanon, Climate Camp, Soy and table football

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Here is a special indymedia edit of the latest news from the rampART social centre in East London. To make sure you get the latest news and listings each week, subscribe to the mailing list via


From 8pm this Friday, come down to the rampART for our first 'collective night', an informal social intended as a low stress event for us to hang out together and chat. With open mic, open decks and open stage, this event will be what you make it. Bring your friends, and a few of your favorite records to spin, either vinyl, CD or mp3. If your play an instrument, why not bring it along and see if the mood takes you. Most important, bring yourself. There'll be nibbles and drink and we'll keep the volume low enough for conversation without shouting!!

p.s. We've also table football now.


Talk from Anarchists Against the Wall

For several years, an Israeli direct action group named Anarchists Against the Wall (AAtW) has participated in the Palestinian-led joint struggle against the so-called “separation barrier” in the occupied West Bank – a racist segregation wall created in violation of international law, which cuts Palestinians off from their lands and may well prevent any remaining chance of Palestinian self determination. AAtW activists have destroyed parts of the wall, forced open gates in the wall and removed roadblocks. They marched together with Palestinians to their lands and stood in front of bulldozers with farmers whose olive trees were threatened. Their contribution to the struggle has been recognized by all those involved.

The group's work has also been recognized by the Israeli authorities which have rewarded it with violent repression, hundreds of arrests and about 40 indictments. Although to a lesser extent than Palestinians, they have also been shot at, tear gassed, beaten with batons and injured. The legal costs of defending against these charges are around $20,000 and counting. AAtW is now seeking the support of communities and organizations in Europe for its legal fund in order to fight back against the legal persecution and continue its part in the fight against the wall.

Sarah Assouline and Saif Abukeshek are an Israeli and a Palestinian who have dedicated themselves to the popular struggle against the Israeli separation barrier (the wall). They are speaking together as partners in this struggle and in the larger struggle against Palestinian dispossession. They are touring Europe to raise awareness and much needed funds to sustain their campaign. They would like to meet people interested in supporting grassroots activism between Israeli and Palestinian people.

+ Lebanon benefit party

Ok the bombing might have stopped but theres still a lot of cleanup work that needs to be done in Lebanon, not to mention the ongoing media and education programs that need to supported to ensure that the Isreal attacks don't go down unrecorded. Come and party this coming Saturday Nite and help raise money for one of the major organisations behind the relief efforts.

Dj De-Anarky (Byron Bay) will spinning funky dirty grimy house n beats &
special guests, information, film, special surpises

Love Lebanon Fundraising Gig 8pm till late
£3/£5 suggested donation
All monies raised go to SAMIDOUN (see details below)

More info please contact Edda 07767613764 or Dean 07900001301

SAMIDOUN is a grassroots coalition that aims to work in a democratic and
participatory atmosphere and manages the Sanayeh Relief Center (SRC), located near one of the
central parks in the city (Sanayeh). SRC was the first relief
center set up on the field from the beginning of the Israeli attack on
Lebanon. It coordinates relief efforts in Beirut and gathers and
transmits information from the field, as well as organizing political
activities on the local and international levels.

check out their website…


A second get-together of people hoping to harness the energy that came out
of the Camp for Climate Action and work together on radical action against
climate change in London. Everyone is welcome, whether you came to the
camp or not – and bring your friends! Among other things, we’ll be talking
about how we want to get involved in upcoming climate-relevant days of
action, and doing some last-minute planning for Saturday night’s Climate
Camp benefit gig, also at Rampart – more details below.

When: Tuesday, September 26, 7 PM
Where: 15-17 Rampart St., London E1 2LA
More info: call 07708 794 665


Soy production having a devastating effect on the environment and society
in in Argentina and Paraguayis. The event on the 29th September will
feature music, films and food and aims to raise money to send back to
those at the font lines of resistance and repression in the killing

Details in next weeks newsletter.

+ Also on Friday 29th Sept - The Radical Theory Reading Group

6pm - rampART library, 1st floor

We’ll be reading ‘Nature, politics and possibilities: a debate and discussion with David Harvey and Donna Haraway’ in Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 1995, Vol 13, No. 5. Downloadable pdf here:

If you want to join the group - just turn up! Everyone welcome


The Camp For Climate Action Benefit
Saturday 30th September, 8pm -2am.

Benefit.. the ostrich returns!

MJ13 (Psychedelic Hard Core)
Marianne Hyatt (Johnny Cash's female reincarnation)
The Tell (Pagan Hard Rock)
DJne Mondstrom, DJ Timorous, VJs,
films & food.

Donation on door, funds to help bailout the £4,000 debt incurred by the
camp for climate action earlier in the month.