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Protest for Peace - Saturday 10 August

Jason N. Parkinson | 12.09.2005 15:51 | DSEi 2005 | Anti-militarism | London | World

More footage from events on Saturday.

The protest went peacefully along surrounded by a huge police presence, which increased the closer the protestors got to the ExCel centre.

Police were openly confused because no route was given to the street march, several commenting on this.

Clowns on form again, some good stuff on them here.

Footage from the bridge and the arrest. One officer tries to snatch my camera while I film the arrest on the central reservation. Several people said the protestor was being beaten.

Any evidence of violence against the protestor was not captured by me, but the heavy-handed response and the attempt to halt my filming by knocking the camera out of my hand says someone didn't want this incident recording for prosperity. Or Officer Friendly got a little over zealous.

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