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CITY SLICKERS | 22.11.2003 12:54 | Bush 2003 | Anti-militarism | Repression | London

dirty protest against dirty warmongers - Friday 21st November

Went to Trafalgar Square on Thursday. Got bored of the media spectacle. Didn't fancy them watching us, watching ourselves on the big TV screen. Didn't need to listen to celebrity speakers, the "experts", telling us what we already know. Wondered why the stewards looked so much like the police. Hated the feeling of lethargic impotence and soon felt tired of it all. Text Bush your message? Fuck that! Our anger can't be contained in a text, and we refuse to be de-mobilised by "mobile protests". We prefer to stay mobile and make trouble for the warmongers everywhere. So, we took our resistance outside the city limits. As an action against terrorist dirty oil wars and the scum who make them, we spilt a load of dirty oil at the entrance to the Territorial Army centre on Priory Road, Hornsey, home of the weekend soldier. Next our anger spilled out, black and crude, on the forecourt of the Texaco garage, Finchley Road, near the North Circular. 5 gallons of dirty oil, and a further spill at the front doors must have made it hard for them to continue business as usual.
We don't have to be spectators. Polite protests pose no threat to the genocidal terrorists who call the shots. Passively marching from A to B drains our energy. The city is a big place and they can't watch or control everywhere. Let's break the routine of "protest as usual". The above actions were simple to plan, and were carried out by a small group of friends. Over to you...



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