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Top 11 Reasons We Are Safer w/380 Tons Of High Explosives Missing In Iraq

DF | 31.10.2004 15:18 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | Indymedia | London


Top 11 reasons we are safer after Dubya allowed 380 tons of high explosives to be looted in Iraq.

1. High volume will drive down prices for the explosives buy-back program.

2. CSI Iraq will determine the precise type and amount of explosive used in every suicide-bombing and when all 380 tons have been used up, we'll strike back with impunity.

3. By making terrorism easy over there, we'll make terrorists too lazy to attack us here.

4. Giving away weapons is how the Bush family makes friends.

5. It's not like there was any nuclear material at the site, it's just the stuff you use to detonate nuclear material.

6. The explosives have legitimate civilian uses. They may have been taken by entrepreneurial miners.

7. No one will be safe from C4 until everyone has C4.

8. Many would-be terrorists will meet their end improvising devices to employ their too easily acquired explosives.

9. 14.67 tons of HMX, 155.68 tons of RDX and 6.39 tons of PETN explosives were not lost. They were liberated from the tyrannical clutches of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

10. Readily available explosives make insurgents less likely to form relationships with terrorist sponsors outside Iraq.

11. Scandal could put Kerry over the top.