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anti-EDO Halloween noise demo

no name (vegetable!) | 31.10.2004 01:36 | Anti-militarism

Brightons local arms manufacturer EDO MBM ( ) got a visit on Wed 27th Oct as the workers were finishing up their day messing around with bomb release mechanisms, and that kinda thing, by a crowd of 20 or so halloweened (ie masked and looking funky!) protesters, banging woks against railings, tooting car horns, whistleing, loud speakering, you know, generally making a racket.

We got a good response - lots of people at their windows looking like, 'what the fuck...', i'm sure they got the message that they should get the fuck outa brighton or get another job. The demonstrators tried to converse with the workers as they left to go home, asking if they knew where their work was being sold at the end of the day, whether they even realised that they design things that kill people, why they wouldnt look for another job - "dont care" was the common answere. Hmm.

Well anyway eventually 3 cars of police turned up, allowed the demonstrators the right to protest in a little corner away from EDO, took the 'leader' asside (was he fuck the leader!) and arrested him under anti social behaviour laws for failing to provide his name and address. The rest of the demonstrators were faced with the same choice - name or arrest, or go home. So they left. All of this was justified under breach of the peace legislation...

There shall be no fighting in the war room!

no name (vegetable!)