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NOTIFICATION: Bush State Visit...

By Joe Murphy Whitehall Editor, Evening Standard (repost) | 26.09.2003 14:36 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | London

Bush state visit to spark protests ...

Anti-war protesters today vowed to swamp London streets when George Bush makes a state visit as guest of the Queen from 19-21 November.

Police are planning the biggest security operation ever seen in Britain, amid fears of terrorist attacks, and that tensions over Iraq will cause violence.

President Bush will stay at Buckingham Palace and will be honoured by a state banquet. He will hold talks with Tony Blair and may be invited to address Parliament.

The trip is a payback for the rapturous greeting given to Tony Blair in July by the US Congress for his backing over Iraq.

Andrew Murray, of the Stop the War Coalition, said the protest could attract record crowds.

By Joe Murphy Whitehall Editor, Evening Standard (repost)