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DSEI police search records still needed by Liberty!! By Monday!

Jesse | 27.09.2003 02:09 | DSEi 2003 | Anti-militarism | Repression

On Thursday 2 October, Liberty will be in the high court to challenging the police use of anti-terror searches at DSEI. Were you or your friends searched in London by police during/before the week of September 6th-12 "DSEI week"? Many people have submitted copies of their search receipts to Liberty, but more are needed by Monday at noon!

Liberty is asking people who were searched under the anti-terror laws at DSEi to submit their police search reciepts to Liberty by fax (or hand) by noon on Monday the 29th.

Search receipts recieved before noon on Monday will be used toward the High Court case on Thursday 2 October, 2003. It is possible that receipts received after noon on Monday may be useful to the case, so people should submit copies of their police search receipts even if they miss the deadline of Monday noon.

Send a copy of your police search record(s) would be sent via fax to 0207 407 5354 or delivered by hand to Liberty at 21 Tabard Street, SE1 4LA (Borough Tube).

In addition to submitting your reciept, please submit completed search report forms soon (forms downloadable from Liberty's website). This information about your search will assist Liberty toward compiling a future report about the misuse of anti-terror searches.

If you have questions, please ring Mona Arshi (the LIBERTY lawyer handling the case) at 0207 378 3653.

NOTE: All information will be held in accordance with you right to privacy under the data protection act 1998).

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A short explanation of Liberty's high court challenge of police tactics at DSEI.

The Metropolitan police used anti-terror searches to intimidate, disrupt and deter protest at DSEI. Liberty will challenge these police tactics in the high court judicial review on the 2nd of October, 2003. To show support, arrive at 9am outside the Royal Courts of Justice on The Strand.

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