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FIT in Brighton

fitted up | 03.05.2009 13:37 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Repression | South Coast

FIT (the Metropolitan Police's Forward Intelligence Team) are monitoring people going in and out of the Cowley Club on London Rd in Brighton (2.30). There have been two officers opposite the front and back of the club entrance for the last few hours, so far just making notes.

This morning police followed some people down London Rd but they managed to shake them off.

fitted up


FIT update

03.05.2009 16:52

the Cowley Club is at 12 London Rd, Brighton opposite Somerfields.

As of 6pm the FIT have withdrawn from outside the Cowley Club but there are two FIT outside the entrance of the convergence, noting people's details and addressing some of those entering by name.



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