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James Bond, Peace Activist, in Neath Court

ifor | 07.06.2007 22:06 | Anti-militarism | Iraq

James Bond in the dock for heckling!

James Bond,a 63 year old former technician and longstanding Labour Party member in Neath will be in court next wednesday,the 13th June after heckling Peter Hain the New Labour minister in Neath last month.
Hain had called the meeting at the Old Town Hall in Neath to launch his bid for the Deputy leader of New Labour but the photo opportunity was spoiled when James Bond [or Jim as he is known in Neath] jumped to his feet to call Hain a war criminal because of his role in the invasion of Iraq.The interruption lasted all of one minute.

After he left the meeting Jim was questioned by plain clothes officers and then uniformed police and held for questioning for 4 hours.Appaently they were not satisfied he had given his real name!

He was charged with being drunk and disorderly ...a charge he vehemently den
Jim and the Neath Stop The War Group believe the charge is a trumped up one designed to intimidate a critic of those who led this country into the killing zone called Iraq.
The Neath Stop The War Group will be supporting Jim on wed 13th June at the Neath Magistrates Court ,Water St in the town centre and all support for Jim is welcome!