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Round up of July 22nd Lebanon solidarity protests

Paul O'Hanlon | 23.07.2006 11:59 | Lebanon War 2006 | March 18 Anti War Protest | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | London | World

This is a round up of 7 different reports with photos from the day of solidarity for Lebanon on Saturday July 22nd 2006.

Round up of July 22nd Lebanon solidarity protests

Saturday July 22nd saw anti-war demonstrations around the world in solidarity with the people of Lebanon. The mainstream media was not interested – the London protest going unreported on Channel Five news and only getting 17 seconds of the 20 minute BBC1 Evening News bulletin on Saturday.

Here are Indymedia reports and photos from some of the demos:

United Kingdom

1/ Edinburgh:

Here are more photos from the Edinburgh demo:

2/ Glasgow:

3/ London:

4/ Manchester:

5/ Sheffield:

6/ Newcastle:

7/ Sydney, Australia:

Here is a website with recent photos from Lebanon:

Indymedia Beirut home page:

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  1. pictures from Tel Aviv Demo — kobi snitz