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Lockheed Bombs Expedited to Israel To Bomb the Little Ones of Lebanon

Sathya Spreads | 23.07.2006 00:23 | Lebanon War 2006 | Anti-militarism

Lockheed is today's father of Major Barbara. It is the world's biggest merchant of death, and is expediting delivery of its bunkerbuster bombs to burn the babies of the Mideast


Lockheed bombs on Lockheed planes expedited to bomb the little ones of Lebanon

Lockheed, world's biggest armsmonger or merchant of death, is with Bush regime approval expediting the delivery of ordered bombs to Israel

Today's NY Times has said anonymous sources in the Bush regime have verified that bunker bombs are being expedited to Israel. The Times did not name the manufacturer of the bombs but said they are delivered on F16's. Other sources indicate that Lockheed
makes the bombs, so that Lockheed bombs on Lockheed planes (Lockheed the biggest publicly acknowledged war profiteer.. former board member Lynne Cheney wife of Dick
Cheney who occupies the stolen throne of the vice presidency) are being hurried to Israel to burn the babies of Lebanon.
Lockheed is also the maker of obsolete shuttles which sent thousands of NASA Glenn captive unreported animals
to their deaths, blown over 5 states....These shuttles have also hemorrhaged the taxpayers dry through NASA.

The taxes of the people of America as well as their dictatorially
administered pension funds are underwriting the war crimes of
the Olmert regime.
Yahoo News July 17, 2006
By Bill Rigby
LONDON (Reuters) - The chief of Lockheed Martin Corp., the world's largest defense contractor, on Sunday argued against the use of fixed-price contracts on lucrative military research and development work.
The comments, made by Lockheed Chief Executive Robert Stevens in London on the eve of the Farnborough International Airshow, echo the broad opposition of the U.S. arms industry to proposals by Arizona Sen. John McCain to force contractors to shoulder more of the risk on large weapons programs in a bid to rein in runaway Pentagon spending.
Companies like Lockheed and rival Northrop Grumman Corp. get most of their revenue from "cost-plus" contracts, where the Pentagon covers the contractors' costs, and also pays award fees for fulfilling the contract.
That generally guarantees a profit for the company, as opposed to a fixed-price contract, where contractors risk losing their own money if a project is late or canceled.
McCain, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee who has attacked the Pentagon and defense contractors such as Boeing Co. many times for what he sees as wasteful practices, is lobbying for all but the most complex research and development defense contracts to be awarded on a fixed-price basis.

Christopher Kubasik, Lockheed's executive vice president and chief financial officer, was more blunt in his opposition to fixed-price contracts.
"You can't do innovation fixed price," he said, speaking after Stevens' remarks.

Market Scan
Lockheed Martin Investors Get Defensive
R.M. Schneiderman, 07.17.06, 3:29 PM ET

Standard & Poor's Equity Research upgraded shares Lockheed Martin to "buy" from "hold" as industrial, defense and other safe-haven stocks recapture investors' attention in a volatile market.

"We see a number of catalysts for Lockheed Martin shares in what we view as an increasingly defensive stock market environment," said analyst Richard Tortoriello.

"We see strong potential for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program, on which Lockheed Martin is prime contractor, and we look for improving profit margins, return on capital, and free cash flow, as well as ongoing share repurchases," said the analyst.

Tortoriello raised his 2006 earnings-per-share estimate to $4.75 from $4.45, and his 2007 estimate to $5 from $4.75.

He also raised his target price on shares of Lockheed Martin to $90 from $77.

Frank Lanza former executive vice president of Lockheed Martin died following
surgery in June.of 2006. (nyse: LMT - news - people ) He was president and chief operating officer of Lockheed Martin's C3I and Systems Integration Sector. He co-founded L-3 Communications (nyse: LLL - news - people ) in 1997 and the company was listed on the Big Board in 1998.

(1 of more than 1 million iatrogenic fatalities annually in the US)

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