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One Month in Lebanon

peptide | 11.08.2006 18:33 | Analysis | Anti-militarism | World

The war in Lebanon is one month and hundreds of innocent lives old; the international community is displaying all the coherence and cohesion it did in 1939 – déjà vu! The solution today is as it should have been then – stop the invader with a confederation of nations opposed to the war. It stops! Count the nations for war, two, against the war, the rest of the world!

Occupy targeted regions in the war zone and in the event that personnel are killed or captured then attack Israel with the same indiscriminate show of force that Israel unleashed on Lebanon. Who could justifiably complain? America may choose to actively support Israel, in which case it would be preferable for the world to confront the inevitable war on America now rather than later.

The world should have learnt that right wing forces (Third Reich/USA/Israel) never ‘back down’ they must be eliminated by force. Face it! Hesitating, as in the past, only engenders contempt from the aggressors, has the arrogance of the idiot president been noted lately?

The initiative belongs to the U.S. and Israel; they have deliberately tied up negotiations for peace in a tangle of useless details while THEIR agenda is ‘full steam ahead’. John Bolton can barely disguise his delight as peace negotiations degenerate into arguments that bog down the entire process; the international ‘horse’ is hobbled.

China has never taken an interventionist approach in international affairs, get over it and learn from Russia; your confrontation with the USA is unavoidable. The USA depends on China’s cultural timidity and (traditional) non-interventionist policies. However, today’s world is very challenging; China can only survive by actively engaging the international community and demonstrating a strong stance to other nations. China’s defeat is assured if it fails in this regard. As the ancient Chinese strategist, Sun tzu, clearly states, the war is won or lost before the first battle begins! It is the Ostrich that hides its head in the sand not the Dragon. Even occidental analysts have realised that Israel has lost the war and possibly the State!

But perhaps the more immediate confronting aspect of modern warfare is to ask the question, for whom are wars waged? It is certain the powers lose no sons or daughters to the nasty business of warfare. The blood spilled is the blood of slaves and there is no greater fool/slave than one who dies for another’s wealth and profit. Take a good look at the real reasons behind this adventure then inform the vested interests to defend their own interests.

Today, with information freely available there are no excuses for fighting someone else’s wars. NOTHING is worth dying for – death is the proof of that glaring reality.



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  2. The USA and Israel bear no similarity to the Third Reich! — Hezbollah and Hamas are right wing forces.
  3. re: The USA and Israel bear no similarity to the Third Reich! — Nuisance neighbour
  4. Jews are centre of universe! — didn't you know?