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EDO MBM..Protester charged with scaring sussex police, interesting update!

anon | 04.05.2007 23:36 | Anti-militarism | Social Struggles | Terror War | South Coast

criminals with records

as well as the "missing" witness statements marked for the defence that turned up in court on thursday in the cps folder!!well by "coincidence" something else allso turned up that day in court!marked for and on behalf of sussex police and the cps..and that was..the defendants entire criminal record history stretching all the way back to 1977! when the defendant was 13 years old!supplied by the same police that only 5 years ago were asked to supply them to some of the highest placed/paid solicitors in the land..but nothing anywhere could be found!!anywhere..none! not so much as a speeding ticket!! so to aid in justice and towards compensation for and on behalf of thousands of abused children from every corner of the u.k...the same police could find not a jot!!nothing?? but last thursday by "Magic" when the same person stood to awnser in court fit up charges...lo and behold!! all those missing files were offered forward to the bench with a pleading wine that went..hes so bad..look at all these criminal records we never knew we didnt have.honestly ..but now we have them will you please fit him up again..cos hes still trying to help the children..and you know hes really bothering us at home farm criminals there you have it..for justice for thousands of abused children sussex police can find nothing..for swearing on home farm road those brave bobbies can profer out of the "blue" every lickle file ever laid down!!!! inside their coven.....justice for the victims of the criminal war mongers..justice for the children of barwick house.. no justice no peace
and never shall we cease