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Fairford Accused on 19th September

Fairford Peacewatch | 07.09.2003 18:07 | Anti-militarism | Oxford

Gloucester Crown Court, Friday 19th September 2003
at 10.00am

Those accused of crimes at USAF Fairford during the attack on Iraq will be
attending court to hear what the next stage of their cases is to be.

The situation in Iraq is dire. Coalition Forces, Iraqis and other resistance
fighters are dying daily. The U.S is now asking other countries to help try
to repair the damage that has been done by Bush and Blair's attack and more
and more people are now begining to question the legality, ethics and
motives for this so called war.

Michael Meacher MP has recently voiced an opinion and concerns which echo
those of protesters. His article in the Guardian on Saturday 5th September
can be found here:-,12956,1036687,00.html

What a pity Mr.Meacher didn't speak up before thousands were murdered by
Bush and Blair.

The trials of the Fairford defendants is an opportunity to let Blair's
govenment know that we are ' still here', not going away and not going to
let him get away with it.

Come along and support on the day. Bring banners, flags and leaflets or just
yourselves and demonstrate against the Blair regime inside and/or outside
the court

More info and downloadable poster ' advertising' this event here :-

See you there !!!

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