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Bomb making factory closed down

potty phil | 25.04.2005 19:01 | Anti-militarism

DSDA Beith in Ayrshire was blockaded and invaded today by a delegation from Glasgow Against War. They closed two gates and hung a anner from the tallest building on the site. The factory makes cruise missiles, "bunker buster" bombs amongst other offensive weapons. See the press release sent out this morning...

news release monday 25th April

Beith factory of death closed, thousands of lives saved.

This morning at dawn Glasgow Anti-War Action shut the Defence Storage and Distribution Agency based at Beith in Ayrshire (Grid Reference NS 351 524). Two gates were locked shut and blockaded and several members of the group entered the site as part of a citizens weapons inspection. A banner reading "DSDA, Making a Killing" was hung from the roof of the tallest building.

Beith DSDA is Run by private companies for profit, they :
maintain Tomahawk cruise missiles, used in Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq. The total cost of this cruise missile programme is believed to be approx' £300 million (an estimated £700,000 each) and causes tragic and unacceptable human suffering.
prepare and tests Storm Shadow missiles nicknamed "bunker busters" dropped on Iraq by Tornado's based at RAF Lossiemouth.
produce Brimstone missiles which are used by UK attack aircraft such as Tornadoes and Harriers.
maintain cruise missile supplies for Trident and hunter-killer submarines based at HMNB Clyde, Faslane.
subcontract BAE Systems to produce Spearfish torpedoes. These are carried by Trident and other submarines based at Faslane.

Pat Freeborn, a spokesperson for GAWA said:
"The bomb factory at Beith contributes to the mass militarisation of Scotland and Britain's dependence on it's military. We believe that using the military to maintain and extend it's position of global economic power, through the forceful oppression of poor and less powerful nations like Iraq is wrong. We call on the employees to walk out, keep Beith DSDA closed and decide on how to use the factory positively and creatively."

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  1. Great action — EDO Smasher