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Freedom Rider: Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran

Margaret Kimberley | 28.03.2008 21:23 | Anti-militarism | Terror War | London | World

But the Bush/Cheney war criminals are intent on an armed assault on Iran before the clock runs out on their terms in office. The nearby Saudi Arabians are taking U.S. threats against Iran seriously, holding drills to counter leaking of nuclear material from an American strike. Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are as war-crazed as the Republicans when it comes to Iran.

"It seems Conyers will do nothing, no matter how many people die
because of the crimes committed under the Bush regime."

It is happening. The plans for the Bush administration to begin mass murder
of the Iranian people have been put in motion. The plot was stalled
temporarily by the National Intelligence Estimate report released last fall,
a report which said that Iran did not have a nuclear weapons program. Bush
and Cheney were thrown off their game, but not by much and not for long.
They were inconvenienced but ultimately took the small set back in stride
because they both knew they had nothing to worry about.

They know that the press will report what they say without criticism or
analysis. They know that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have said
that all options are on the table with Iran. They know that European nations
like France have publicly stated their allegiance to Bush vis a vis Iran.
British Prime Minister Gordon Brown [1] also bowed to Bushian bullying and
declared that Iran must not be allowed to become a nuclear power. Now
Germany has joined the hall of shame. German Chancellor Angela Merkel [2]
groveled before the Israeli Knesset and essentially promised not to protest
when Israel assists America in creating an Iranian holocaust. Apparently
German sins of genocide against the Jews can only be expiated by complicity
with an Israeli genocide.

When historians write about the catastrophes that struck the world in 2008,
events that have taken place in March of 2008 will surely loom large. The
worldwide economic meltdown finally became impossible to deny, with the
Federal Reserve using the workers' dime to bail out a major investment
banking firm, Bear Stearns. Dick Cheney traveled to Iraq, Israel, and Saudi
Arabia, making sure his nefarious plans went off without a hitch. John
McCain claimed that Iran was the home of al Qaeda, the bogeyman that sends
already trigger happy Americans on blood thirsty rampages. Democrats who had
the power to stop Bush in his tracks, once again pledged to do nothing.

"Apparently German sins of genocide against the Jews can only be expiated by complicity with an Israeli genocide."

In 2007 both the Senate and House passed resolutions that backed war with
Iran. Impeachment, the one weapon Congress could use to stop further war
making, is ignored and forgotten by John Conyers, Chairman of the House
Judiciary committee.

In recent days Conyers said he would begin impeachment hearings, but only if
Bush attacks [3] Iran. Apparently not enough human beings have been killed
by Bush and the body count needs to grow exponentially before Conyers will
lift a finger. On the other hand, the two-faced Congressman says he fears
impeachment because it will hurt the Democrats in the upcoming November
election. So it seems he will do nothing, no matter how many people die
because of the crimes committed under the Bush regime.

The attack on Iran is an open secret, but Americans, like a wronged spouse,
are the last to know. Dick Cheney must have told the Saudi princes of his
intended evil doing because Saudi Arabia is planning for "the probabilities
of leaking nuclear and radiation hazards in case of any unexpected nuclear
attacks in Iran [4] . . . " Saudis know the deal, while John and Jane Q.
Public are still in the dark.

What will the Democrats do when Iranians are nuked? When Israeli foreign
minister Tzipi Livni recently visited the United States, Obama gave her a
phone call [5] and told her she shouldn't worry about an Obama
administration. He said all the right things, that Israel has a right to
defend itself (kill Palestinians whenever it wants) and agreed that Iran was
an evil nation that shouldn't have the nuclear weapons that Israel has had
for decades. So much for change.

The saber rattling and furtive Dick Cheney meetings are just the tip of the
iceberg. The worldwide economic crisis is pushing the war agenda [6] more
than any other factor. Black Agenda Report said as much nearly one year ago.

"Ultimately, the parasitic class can only maintain its rule by force.
Manufacturing nothing, creating no value except on paper, they must
finally call upon the Armed Forces to impose their unearned
advantage on the planet. Such was the logic of March, 2003. The
Great Offensive failed, but the contradictions that compelled the
captains of finance capital to order their political servants to wage
war, remain - and are in fact more acute than four years ago. They
*must* wage war, again, to fight their way out of the box."

"The worldwide economic crisis is pushing the war agenda."

Every bail out of an investment bank is an omen of an oncoming worldwide
financial calamity, but it is also an omen of more American aggression. The
Obama/Clinton fight for the nomination is a sorry side show spectacle. In
any case, the new war will help John McCain more than it will help the
Democratic nominee. Even if the Democrat should win, both Obama and Clinton
have stated that they too believe in maintaining America's empire. Bush's
wars won't end with a Democratic administration.

In the space of just five years, our nation will be waging another war of
aggression and we will all be accessories after the fact. Our country may
have also entered into a depression, so we will be poor criminals too. To
use an expression coined by Poppy Bush, we will be in deep doo doo. Cheer up
though. We won't be in as much trouble as Iranians. Many of them will soon
be dead.

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