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The occupation's Head of Media Development speaking at LSE on Friday

abu nuwas | 19.05.2004 00:27 | Anti-militarism

Simon Haselock, the Head of Media Development for the Iraq occupation's Coalition Provisional Authority is coming to london's LSE to lecture students and the public on building democracy this Friday 21 May

maybe someone ought to tell him to 'switch the channel'

Alistair Berkley Memorial Seminar

Friday 21st May 2004
09.30 to 13.30
LSE Old Theatre

This year the Crisis States Programme, the Stanhope House Media Centre and
the LSE Development Studies Institute have organised a seminar around the
issues of media, law and peacebuilding. We are delighted that Simon
Haselock has agreed to give the keynote speech, based on his experiences in
Bosnia, Kosova and Iraq. Details of the event are given below. Please
email your name to if you would like to attend.

Media, the Law and Peacebuilding: from Bosnia and Kosovo to Iraq

09.30 'Shouting Democracy in a Crisis Theatre'
Simon Haselock
Head of Media Development & Regulation for the Coalition Provisional
Authority in Iraq

10.30 Title ˆ TBA
Nik Gowing
Main Presenter, BBC World

11.15 ˆ Responses from the panel, including
Monroe Price (Stanhope House Media Centre),
12.30 Mary Kaldor (Professor in Global Governance, LSE)

12.30 ˆ Discussion and closing remarks from Simon Haselock and
13.30 Nik Gowing.

For info on the state of 'press freedom' in Iraq under the occupation see
these recent articles:

abu nuwas