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Brighton activists blockade arms firm

marjorie | 20.05.2004 18:35 | Anti-militarism

This morning activists blockaded the premises of arms firm EDO MBM, blocking traffic entering or leaving an industrial estate in Brighton for 4 hours. 5 people climbed onto the roof of EDO's building and dropped banners. At the time of writing this, one person is still on the roof.

Activists blocked the entrance to Home Farm Business Park in Brighton for 4 hours in protest at the arms firm EDO MBM (website: which has premises there. The blockade was an ingenious cage made out of several sections of builders' mesh fencing, with people locked on inside it.

Five people climbed up onto the roof of EDO MBM's building and dropped banners demanding the arms dealers leave Brighton.

Police eventually removed the blockade and arrested 6 people who were locked on to it. They were unable to get the people down from the roof of the building. One came down voluntarily after several hours because he had injured his ankle. Three more came down later after enjoying the sunshine and unrivalled views of Brighton from around 7am until late afternoon. All these 4 were arrested. One person is still on the roof this evening.



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