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A Radiant Day

Electrosensitivity UK | 23.07.2009 16:08 | Anti-militarism | Bio-technology | Health | World

US Military & Mobile Phone Industry behind the false claims of ICNIRP and WHO
who tell us there is no harm or danger from Mobile Phones.

A 42 minute report on Norwegian Next TV "A Radiant Day", exposes how the US military and mobile phone industry have used the IEEE and ICEMS to push ICNIRP and the WHO into denying the biological and cancer dangers from sub-thernal EM radiation. It is hugely depressing to thin that the USA, a country founded as the land of freedom, is now the leader enslaving the western world into a health quagmire. Watch it only if you enjoy seeing some people appear to say what they don't seem to believe. You may begin to wonder if there will ever be enough fair-minded scientists and uncorrupted science. Meanwhile we and others suffer ill health because of military, industry and government greed. there are full english subtitles.

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