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Oslo: the police is raiding the blitz looking for explosives

Oslomedia | 27.04.2007 01:03 | Anti-militarism | Free Spaces | Repression | World

The police has closed the road around blitz and raided the place looking for explosives

After a peaceful demonstration in the center of Oslo the norwegian police took the occasion for arresting more than one hundred people without a reason, ending up releasing them after some hours.
the demonstrators arrested were told not to show up in the center of Oslo until tomorrow morning at 8 am. And less than half an hour ago the police raided Blitz, the social space with such an antagonist reputation to be pointed out also by the leader of the communist youth on wed as responsible for planning and organizing violent actions during the demonstrations planned for thrusday the 25th of april.
Less than half an hour ago, the police raided blitz "hunting for explosives" , a foolish accusation, aiming at labeling every action of dissent as terrorism.
We firmly disapprove this behaviour, obviously directed at taking advantage of the media to justifiy an unmotivated repression of the legitimate right of every man and woman to demonstrate against the globalised war machine.
We hear now from reports on the streets that the police is slowly pulling back from Pilestredet, the street where Blitz is. This voice is still not confirmed.



Objective news...

27.04.2007 18:39

What actually happened is that some of the peaceful demonstrators broke thriugh police barriers carrying rocks to hurl at the Oslo City hall. Police arrested more than two hundred demonstraters from the radical socialist group "Blitz", although some were arrested without any apperant links to the group.

After interrogation of some of the demonstrators from the group, police were told the occupied "Blitz" headquarters in Pilestredet, Oslo had explosives intended for violent actions against foreign politicians and ambassadors. Police raided the "Blitz" headquarters only to find very few, but potentially dangerous and lethal explosives, that the "Blitz" leaders claim to have confiscated from more violent members of the group. This is yet to be confiremd by officials.

Marius Aasab