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Cheney’s Oz Visit

budgie | 02.02.2007 08:37 | Anti-militarism | Globalisation | Other Press | World

Dick (dark side) Cheney is to visit Oz this month to thank Howard for his support, RUBBISH! Howard has recently returned from the U.S. where ample opportunity to “thank him”, presented itself. No, the world’s most hated man and notorious psychopath is visiting Oz to inspect and organise something tangible and corporeal. Why these neo-conservative clowns persist in treating the Australian people as servile morons is beyond me, or is it? Perhaps our fearful leader, John Howard, has given the ‘wrong’ impression to the world. Is it possible Howard the despicable coward does not reflect the true Australian character, are we really a bunch of colonialist slaves and lackeys? For now the shoe fits perfectly; the ‘boss man cometh’ to re-organise his slaves AND to set his property interests in order!

A number of issues requiring immediate attention present themselves, the failed stewardship of the South Pacific would no doubt be high on the list of reproaches. The inability of the Howard government to deal with South Pacific Island nations has caused considerable consternation in Washington, especially in view of the fact that these nations have made approaches to China and other Asian nations. Surely the yanks should have realised that a despicable xenophobic, racist runt would be unable to deal with the real men of the South Pacific Islands!

We recall Howard shitting his pants when the Indonesian President unexpectedly appeared during one of Howard’s early morning walks! Howard has always been the laughing stock of the region; but not to be left in the background, Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, whose pathetic call to incite (from the safety of Australia) civilian insurrection against the Fijian coup earns him a well deserved place next to his fearful leader, Howard! History will not be too kind on these two cowards.

However, it is China, uranium and America’s strategic (Pine Gap) and military presence (new bases) that is of primary concern to the American psychopath, Cheney. We didn’t like that Chinese missile strike in space, did we? Australia can look forward to more interference in local matters from the U.S. as it ‘upgrades’/scales its Australian interests to make us a better target in a future military exchange with our ally China. Fast-tracking infrastructure for uranium extraction and export is also an obvious priority. So why the idiotic platitudes and pretence regarding the visit – who the hell are you trying to kid? A political party in Oz could win an election on the platform of jailing Howard for his war crimes and the treasonous subversion of traditional Australian values. The visit is not what it pretends to be! [Take it up to them Kevin, you Dudd!]

It seems that we need to remind the powers we are not who or what THEY think we are; perhaps a special, warm, TRADITIONAL Aussie welcome for the most hated man in the world, one that would be truly memorable!

You should know, Dick, highly skilled, specialised and efficient, just ask your boys who have fought with us. We are not your colony, deputy nor should we ever be taken for granted:

“Well I'd rather die like Donahue
That bush-ranger so brave
Than be taken by the government
And forced to walk in chains
Well I'd rather fight with all my might
While I have eyes to see
Well I'd rather die ten thousand times
Than hang from a gallows tree.”

Come on down, Dicky boy, it’s only a piece of real estate!

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