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Footprints for Peace Weekend - July 14th and 15th

pp Notts CND | 08.07.2007 22:48 | Faslane | Anti-militarism

Footprints for Peace are a group of people from Australia. They are on an Interfaith peace walk which started in Dublin and aims to be in London on August 6th to mark the anniversary of Hiroshima Day. They have already stopped at several nuclear facilities like Fillingdales, Faslane, and Sellafield and they will later be stopping at Aldermaston. They will be arriving in Nottingham on Saturday 14th July.

Their aim is to highlight the need for a nuclear free future and the link between the uranium mined in Australia and our nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons.

They are going through as many towns and cities as possible highlighting the need for a nuclear free world. The peace walkers are planning to arrive in Nottingham outside St
Peters Church at approximately 4.00pm on Saturday 14th July, where they will be met by Canon Andrew Deuchar who will say a few words and welcome them to Nottingham. It is also hoped that we can get speakers from other faiths and organisations to say a few words.

This will be followed by a vigil. Please encourage as many people as possible to attend so we can give them a warm welcome. We are also aiming to join them on their walk from Ripley at 2.30 so we can do the last few miles with them. We feel the best place would be Phoenix Park and Ride which
is on the end of the tram line but do ring me to double check. The peace walkers are stopping at The Friends Meeting House and they would really appreciate if we could help with the preparation of food and providing them with showers facilities. If you can do either or both please contact myself, Diane Lunzer on Nottm 9812034 or Mary Foley on 9418835 or Roger Sanderson on 9179991.

Nottingham CND have got a stall that day and we hope to distribute leaflets detailing the reasons behind the peace walk. I do need helpers so please ring.

Sunday 15th July Activities in Derby

The Footprints for Peace Walkers will be holding a vigil outside Rolls Royce
Raynesway in Derby at 4.00pm. It hoped that as many people from different
interfaith groups and organisations in Derby will join them. The reason why
they wanted to go there is the nuclear core reactors used to power the
trident submarines that carry Britains Nuclear Weapons are made their. We
are highlighting why the peace walkers want to go to Raynesway by
distributing leaflets outside St. Peters in Derby from 2.00pm. Any help
would be really appreciated. Please ring if you would like to go with us or
just turn up!!

If anybody has time to spare and would like to join them they will be moving
onto Loughborough on Monday morning.

pp Notts CND