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Netcu Watch // Steve Pearl and Netcu we know where you work...

Netcu Watch | 21.01.2009 20:09 | SOCPA | Animal Liberation | Anti-militarism | Repression | Cambridge

After some netcu related hilarity during the past few days demonstrations at Harlan, HLS Wooley and HLS Occuld we took PCs Bacon and the officer we know as "Dave" in to the main Cambridgeshire Police Headquaters. And a police officer dropped a real clanger.

Please address all complaints regarding NETCU policing policy not to the PO Box but to the actual geographical address which is now confirmed as.

Steven Pearl
Constabulary HQ.
Hinchingbrooke Park.
PE29 6NP

How we know this?

We drove into the HQ, a friendly bobby said "Can I help you gentlemen", we said "yes we have an interview with Superintendent Pearl", "Oh" he said, "If you would like to sign in at the office over there and then speak to those officers (pointing at Bacon who is trying to get out of the car as quickly as possible to let the officer not to give up the Netcu hideout)", "So we are in the right place then?" we ask "Oh yes, his office is over there" (points to the left of the building.)

For those needing to hear it from the horses mouth phone the main 0845 number ask for the HQ address and say, can we write to Sup Pearl there? Hehe.

Communication ends............................

Netcu Watch
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